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Urgent Support


You need to read this and ACT NOW.

The government is trying to decimate the Natural Health Industry by giving control to the detested Australian TGA.
Lodge your protest and support the NZHT
in fighting this proposal...

Please complete this form and submit your support letter to us now.
We will use these forms to show to the MP's as proof that the TGA proposal does not have our support but also that we do want a sensible alternative as set out below. Some companies in the industry are behind the TGA proposal and these expressions of support are designed to show that those companies do not speak for us all. Your personal details are needed to show the MP's that the concerns are those of a real person or organisation.
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I DO NOT SUPPORT the proposed Trans Tasman agency to regulate therapeutic products and medical devices.

I DO SUPPORT a new New Zealand regulator, where Natural Health Products are recognised as a separate category from both pharmaceutical drugs and foods, providing risk based controls following the unanimous recommendations of Parliament's Health Select Committee's first Report, which include the following
(Click here for a PDF of this report - warning: 80 page PDF)

  • New Zealand based regulation of Natural Health Products.
  • Regulated as a stand alone entity.
  • Mutual Recognition with Australia instead of harmonization.
  • Risk based system of regulation .
  • Based around a simple product listing system .
  • Based on a negative list of products (that means defining the
    products that may not be used rather than limiting the products
    that can be used) .
  • Includes Good Manufacturing Practice requirements .
  • Sensible labeling laws .
  • Allows for innovation .
  • Includes clear monitoring and enforcement rules along
    with random testing to ensure compliance.

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More information about the purpose and use of these support letters.

The New Zealand Health Trust has been arguing against the proposed Trans Tasman Therapeutic Goods agency since the idea was first put out by Medsafe.

Over that time we have become aware that there are many others who, like us, are very concerned at the effect this proposal will have on the natural health and medical devices industries in New Zealand .

We are often at Parliament, speaking with the MP's and officials and talking to media representatives showing them why we oppose this plan and so far we have been very successful in ensuring the Government cannot muster the votes it needs to turn its proposal into law.

One of the questions we are always asked is who we are speaking on behalf of. We know from talking to many of you that you agree with the position we have taken but unless we can demonstrate this to the MP's we face an enormous battle to convince them how widespread the opposition is.

These support letters are designed to give you a voice without you having to go the Wellington yourself and tell the MP of your concerns and wishes.

Rather than create an industry body and get caught up in the time and administration that that involves to get a majority decision on any issue – we have chosen to simply ask those who support us on this issue to say so in writing by using our support letters and then we can copy these and give them to the MP's and other interested parties (such as the media) to prove that the Ministers' few friends in this industry do not speak for us all.

If we do not speak up and show our numbers then the large companies who are working with the Minister of Health will succeed in claiming that they represent “75% of this industry” as they have been doing.

New Zealand Health Trust will use these letters as set out above and will keep them on file for this purpose. You may withdraw a support letter you have given to us at any time by verified notice in writing.

If you have any queries click here to contact Dave Sloan

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