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26th May 2016

May 26 2016

CDC forced to reveal documents proving Thimerosal vaccine preservative causes autism

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Factually speaking, the CDC is a malicious, criminally-run anti-science quackery front group for the vaccine industry. As part of its criminal activity, it has long insisted that the vaccine preservative thimerosal is not tied to autism. But once-secret documents, now forced to be revealed by the CDC, prove the agency knew that thimerosal causes autism but deliberately hid that evidence from the public in exactly the same way the EPA hid the truth about lead poisoning of the public water supply in Flint, Michigan.

"A vaccine industry watchdog has now obtained CDC documents that show statistically significant risks of autism associated with the vaccine preservative," reports Health Advice, which also reports:
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10th May 2016

Mumps Being Spread by and Among Vaccinated People

May 10, 2016

By Dr. Mercola
Vaccines are a very lucrative business. Pfizer's vaccine Prevnar, which targets 13 strains of pneumococcus bacteria, generated $6.25 billion in revenue last year. And that's just one vaccine.1
Even ineffective vaccines allow vaccine makers to make a mint. One of the most obvious vaccine failures is the mumps vaccine (part of the measles, mumps, rubella, aka MMR).

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28th Apr 2016

The latest disease outbreak among vaccinated Harvard students highlights the truth about vaccine failures

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) In case you hadn't heard, there is something going on at the Harvard University campus that isn't supposed to happen: There is a widening outbreak of mumps, and all the students who have contracted the disease thus far had already been vaccinated for the disease.
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26th Apr 2016

Robert De Niro Enters the Vaccine Safety Battle

By Dr. Mercola
Can vaccines trigger autism? This is the topic of the film "Vaxxed" that was — originally scheduled to be shown at the Tribeca Film Festival, but was pulled from the lineup on March 26.

The decision has created so much blowback and publicity that whomever was pushing for its removal may have cause to regret it, because it has given the film a much higher public profile than if it had simply been screened as scheduled. read full article
29th Mar 2016

Massive illegal vaccine scandal in China has citizens asking, 'Is this genocide?'

by David Gutierrez, staff writer

(NaturalNews) As news of an illegal vaccine distribution scandal in China continues to emerge, outraged citizens are demanding to know why the government waited so long to inform the public that their children were at risk.

According to the government, an illegal vaccine ring in operation since 2011, distributed $88 million worth of vaccines that had expired or been improperly refrigerated. This placed all children who got the shots at risk of disability or death. It is not known how many children were harmed by the illegal vaccines.
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3rd Apr 2016

How Aluminum in Vaccines Affects Your Health

April 03, 2016

By Dr. Mercola
Dr. Suzanne Humphries, author of "Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History," is a nephrologist who has committed the latter part of her medical career to exposing the oft-hidden facts about vaccines, their history, and what makes them potentially dangerous.
Aluminum (pronounced and spelled "aluminium" in Europe) is a known neurotoxin, and scientific evidence shows that it can play a significant role in neurological diseases, including dementia, autism, and Parkinson's disease. read full article

12th Apr 2016

Pertussis Microbe Outsmarts the Vaccines as Experts Argue About Why

April 12, 2016
By Barbara Loe Fisher
For the past decade, Americans have been subjected to dire warnings that B. pertussis whooping cough cases are on the rise and it is the fault of parents who don't vaccinate their children.
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10th Apr 2016

Boston Globe goes full cuckoo, publishes 100% fake newspaper edition to try to destroy vaccine critic Donald Trump with hoax headlines parading as truth-to-be

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) The Boston Globe, a newspaper that routinely prints fake CDC vaccine propaganda as "news," now openly admits it is nothing but a fiction rag. A Sunday edition of the paper goes "full cuckoo" by literally fabricating fake headlines and news story hoaxes, then publishing them under The Boston Globe banner as if they were real. Small text on the second page admits it's all fake!
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29th Mar 2016

FDA document admits vaccines are linked to autism

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) I've just posted a new video detailing the discovery of a vaccine document on the FDA's own website that openly admits vaccines are linked to autism.

This document, an insert sheet for the Tripedia vaccine, openly admits to the vaccine being linked to "idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS, anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence and apnea."
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27 Mar 2016

VAXXED film pulled from Robert De Niro's Tribeca Film Festival following totalitarian censorship demands from pharma-linked vaccine pushers and media science trolls

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) A much-awaited and explosive documentary film called VAXXED - From Cover-Up to Catastrophe was suddenly pulled from Robert De Niro's Tribeca Film Festival following an intense censorship effort waged by the vaccine-pushing mainstream media and pharma-funded media science trolls.
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27th Mar 2106

SCIENCE FACT: The U.S. government has paid out $3 billion to vaccine-injured families

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) Americans are routinely told by traditional medical doctors, healthcare providers, government agencies and elected officials that "vaccines are safe," and yet that doesn't explain why billions of taxpayer dollars have been spent to compensate families whose little loved ones have been severely affected or killed by vaccines.
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10th Mar 2016

Vaccine mafia earns 'F' in science: Australian Health Minister utters the most insanely stupid anti-science statement ever recorded... 'no risks in vaccinating children'

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) An Australian Health Minister named Jill Hennessy has just uttered the most insanely stupid, anti-science quackery ever recorded on the subject of vaccines. As part of her imperial push to poison and cripple as many Australian children (including Aborigine children) as possible, she has publicly insisted that there are "no risks in vaccinating children."
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28th Jan 2016

The recent outbreak of Zika virus in Brazil could be linked to the release into the wild of genetically modified mosquitoes in recent field trials in Brazil funded by the Bill and Gates Foundation, it has emerged.

19th Jan 2016

Lead HPV vaccine developer admits Gardasil, Cervarix are unscientific scams with deadly consequences for children

by David Gutierrez, staff writer

(NaturalNews) One of the foremost researchers whose work led to the development of the two existing human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines, now warns that as currently used, those vaccines have not been proven safe or effective.
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14th Nov 2015

Vaccines—Are They Still Contributing to the Greater Good?

11th Nov 2015

Vaccine Injury Compensation: Government’s Broken Social Contract with Parents

4th Oct 2015

Doctors against vaccines - These physicians actually did the research

by Joel Edwards

(NaturalNews) These following doctors were not content with half-truths, propaganda, and lies. They did their own research.
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25th Sep 2015

Denmark drops Gardasil HPV Vaccine for Cervarix

nsnbc : Denmark drops the controversial Gardasil HPV vaccine and substitutes it with the Cervarix vaccine, informs the Danish Serum Institute. Gardasil has drawn international attention due to serious, so-called, side-effects. Cervarix has, however, not been without controversy either.  read full article

9th Sep 2015

Getting Polio from the Polio Vaccine

2nd Sept 2015

Pesticides and Human Experimentation

Government EPA approved Human Experimentation using pesticides on babies & children being stopped by good Senators in Florida!

10th May 2015

The Vaccine Hoax is Over. Documents from UK reveal 30 Years of Coverup

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Vaccine Safety
Andrew Baker ( FFN),- Freedom of Information Act in the UK filed by a doctor there has revealed 30 years of secret official documents showing that government experts have:=>
1. Known the vaccines don’t work
2. Known they cause the diseases they are supposed to prevent
3. Known they are a hazard to children
4. Colluded to lie to the public
5. Worked to prevent safety studies

Those are the same vaccines that are mandated to children in the US.
Educated parents can either get their children out of harm’s way or continue living inside one of the largest most evil lies in history, that vaccines – full of heavy metals, viral diseases, mycoplasma, fecal material, DNA fragments from other species, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80 (a sterilizing agent) – are a miracle of modern medicine.

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22nd Sep 2015

Vaccine profiteer Paul Offit admits to fabricating lies about vaccine safety advocates

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) He's one of the mainstream media's darling vaccine fanatics, but Paul Offit of Philadelphia Children's Hospital is an unabashed liar and fraud. This king of quackery has been caught on numerous occasions fabricating defamatory and completely made-up fables about vaccine safety advocates such as investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson, formerly of CBS News, and autism researcher and publisher Kathleen Seidel, presumably out of spite.
10th Aug 2015

Ex-Merck employee turned anti-vaccine activist now terrorized by Big Pharma Black Ops branch

by Julie Wilson staff writer

(NaturalNews) "We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live," wrote a Merck & Co. employee who was actively plotting to murder or discredit doctors who had voiced concerns regarding the adverse health effects of an anti-inflammatory drug called Vioxx.

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5th Aug 2015

Documentary aired on Danish television exposes HPV vaccines for triggering wave of disease among young girls

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The Danish news service TV2 recently aired a bold documentary calling into question the safety of the Gardasil vaccine for cervical cancer. Documenting dozens of cases of serious injury and disability among Danish girls following the three-part vaccination regimen, the video report highlights the Danish Health Authority's negligence in properly responding to this wave of illness clearly linked to the vaccine, which is also widely promoted in the U.S.

Though the documentary treads somewhat lightly in fully implicating Gardasil as the definitive cause of these girls' illnesses, it does bring to light how authorities at the highest levels of government routinely try to cover for this deadly vaccine, which SaneVax, Inc. notes has been linked to upwards of 40,000 total adverse events, including death, worldwide.

You can watch the documentary, entitled De vaccinerede piger, in its entirety on YouTube for free (with English subtitles):

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27th Jul 2015

REVEALED: Cancer industry profits 'locked in' by nagalase molecule injected into humans via vaccines... spurs tumor growth... explains aggressive vaccine push

by Julie Wilson staff writer

(NaturalNews) One of the world's most lucrative industries, spending on cancer drugs reached an all-time high last year, as it was valued at more than $100 billion. Spending on cancer drugs increased 6.5 percent annually over the past five years and is expected to continue growing at a rate of 8 percent each year through 2018, according to figures provided by the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics.

That spending is highly concentrated, as the US and five of Europe's largest countries account for nearly two-thirds of the entire market.

This means that billions and billions of dollars are secured by Americans being diagnosed with cancer.

21st May 2015

Vaccines suppress your brain! Vaccine-Induced Brain Damage Syndrome (VIBDS) mirrors cognitive impairment caused by chemotherapy (Chemo Brain)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Vaccine-Induced Brain Damage Syndrome (VIBDS) is the phenomenon of impaired cognitive function caused by the brain-damaging toxic additives found in vaccines. It mirrors the well-documented cognitive impairment caused by chemotherapy, known across the medical establishment as Post-Chemotherapy Cognitive Impairment (PCCI).

The unmistakable evidence that vaccines cause permanent brain damage is found in the obviously suppressed cognition of those who take them. According to nearly every pro-vaccine parent who routinely takes vaccines, their vaccinated children -- who are therefore immune to infectious disease -- are endangered by unvaccinated children who they claim might be carrying infectious disease.

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18th May 2015

Court upholds $50 million award for girl whose life was destroyed by Johnson & Johnson's Children's Motrin

by David Gutierrez, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court upheld a lower court's judgment that pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson should be required to pay $50 million to a girl who suffered a rare but devastating side effect from Children's Motrin when she was seven years old. The judgment took more than a decade to be reached. read full article...

15th May 2015

Vaccines Causing Multiple Sclerosis Nurse Sues Over H1N1 Shot

15th May 2015

Merck vaccines kill two babies in Mexico, injure dozens more

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) At least two children are dead and several dozen others are in critical condition after terrorists wielding weapons of mass destruction violently assaulted the young innocents living in the Mexican state of Chiapas, according to reports.

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8th May 2015

The Politics of Vaccination

Is the Key government pandering to people who oppose vaccination on principle?
by Gordon Campbell

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? The issue bears a quite striking similarity to the anti-smacking debate, another controversy that got framed in political terms as a ‘parental choice’ issue, even though the prime concern was supposed to be what’s best for children. Now, as the vaccination controversy comes to the fore, conservative governments happen to be in power, on both sides of the Tasman. Yet for all the talk about Anzac unity…when it comes to vaccination, John Key and Tony Abbott are treating state compulsion and parental choice in very different ways.

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26th Apr 2015

Big Pharma to market its vaccines with contrived emotional appeal that utterly ignores facts

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) At the behest of the World Health Organization (WHO), the so-called "SAGE [Strategic Advisory Group of Experts] Working Group on Vaccine Hesitancy" has put together a report for the United Nations arm outlining new strategies to convince more people to get vaccinated. And in this report, recommendations are made that the vaccine industry market its vaccines in the same way that fast food corporations market junk food products to children -- by appealing to emotion, telling fairy tales and ultimately deceiving consumers.

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25th Apr 2015

10 mind-blowing facts about the vaccine industry that the mainstream media still refuses to report

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) The mainstream media is largely funded by drug companies and vaccine manufacturers, exhibiting extreme conflicts of interest in their reporting. Perhaps that's why they refuse to report the following ten shocking facts about the vaccine industry that are all provably true.
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19th Feb 2015

Vaccine horrors: Medical mutilation of innocent children exposed in GRAPHIC photos of "safe" vaccines gone horribly wrong

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Much like Brian Williams, vaccine promoters are serial liars. They know vaccines harm many children (and even kill some), yet they knowingly lie to the public by falsely claiming vaccines cause no harm whatsoever. (They do this willfully, in total violation of all medical ethics and fundamental honesty with the public.)

The "Big Lie" about vaccine safety is crumbling by the day, of course, causing the vaccine industry to resort to desperate tactics such as attempting to declare absolute government control over your body via a medical police state that forces you to submit to medical interventions. This will, of course, begin with forced vaccinations of unwilling people and then quickly escalate to other things that serve the interests of the medical police state such as forced organ harvesting from the bodies of all Americans. (To accomplish this, they will roll out emotionally charged campaigns of sobbing children who need kidneys, and then demonize people who don't agree to be organ donors as being "selfish" and horrible people.)
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5th Dec 2014

CDC issues flu vaccine apology: this year's vaccine doesn't work!

(NaturalNews) The following video from Gary Franchi of NextNewsNetwork reveals the shocking admission by the CDC that this year's flu vaccine doesn't work.

From the video:

For the first time we can remember, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are going on the record, saying the flu vaccine won't work this year. The warning comes just before the busiest part of flu season, in January and February. Unfortunately, there won't be any refund for any of the patients or insurance companies who spent money on flu shots earlier this fall. read full story

8th Nov 2014

Is this what Bill Gates was Bragging about being able to control population with clever use of vaccines.

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November 8 2014

Tetanus vaccines found spiked with sterilization chemical to carry out race-based genocide against Africans

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Tetanus vaccines given to millions of young women in Kenya have been confirmed by laboratories to contain a sterilization chemical that causes miscarriages, reports the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, a pro-vaccine organization.
22nd Aug 2014

CDC whistleblower confesses to publishing fraudulent data to obfuscate link between vaccines and autism

(NaturalNews) A medical conspiracy of epic proportions stands to bring down the entire vaccine house of cards following the revelation that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) censored key data linking the MMR vaccine to autism. A top CDC researcher-turned-whistleblower has come forward with the truth about a study that the CDC has long claimed proves the safety of MMR, when in fact it actually shows the exact opposite.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the CDC whistleblower told Dr. Brian Hooker from the Focus Autism Foundation (FAF) that a 2004 CDC study published in the journal Pediatrics, entitled "Age at First Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccination in Children With Autism and School-Matched Control Subjects: A Population-Based Study in Metropolitan Atlanta," contains data that was deliberately manipulated to conceal the vaccine-autism connection.

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21st Aug 2014

CDC refuses to turn over documents to Congress: Evidence linking MMR vaccines to autism intentionally withheld from investigators

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) News has been rapidly exploding across the "truth media" regarding the CDC whistleblower who is now making shocking revelations: The CDC's own research found that MMR vaccines caused autism in African-American children, and the agency knowingly buried this evidence to hide it from the public.

The scientific conspiracy went all the way to the top of the CDC, where Dr. Julie Gerberding -- now an executive with vaccine maker Merck -- took an active role in the cover-up and even arranged to have the whistleblower punished for trying to tell the truth.

CDC refuses to release evidence to Congress

Now we know that the CDC has also refused to turn over this information to Congress, too. U.S. Congressman Bill Posey (8th district, Florida) requested the documents from the CDC in a congressional hearing, but the CDC has stonewalled, refusing to turn over anything. This resulted in Congressman Posey calling for the CDC to be investigated. "The CDC can't be trusted regarding investigating vaccine safety," Posey said. "Huge conflict of interest. I think the CDC should be investigated." read full article
20th Aug 2014

CDC caught in scientific fraud, perpetrating vaccine violence against blacks in shocking eugenics cover-up

August 20 2014

CDC caught in scientific fraud, perpetrating vaccine violence against blacks in shocking eugenics cover-up

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Yesterday I wrote that Natural News is investigating a report of a massive scientific cover-up perpetrated at the very highest levels of the CDC.

Today I can report that I now have in my possession CDC documents which prove beyond any doubt that the former head of the CDC, Dr. Julie Gerberding, actively participated in willful scientific fraud in order to bury clinical evidence linking the MMR vaccine to a 340% increase in autism among African-American children. read full article

CDC Whistleblower

There's a Whistle Blower at the CDC



6th Mar 2014

FDA study shows pertussis vaccination spreads pathogenic bacteria

by Jonathan Benson, staff writer

(NaturalNews) In a failed attempt to explain away why vaccinated individuals seem to be the
only ones contracting and spreading whooping cough
during major outbreaks, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently launched an inquiry aimed at better understanding how the controversial vaccine works. But what the agency ended up discovering is that the vaccine for whooping cough, also known as pertussis, spreads the very same pathogenic bacteria that causes whopping cough in the first place, which in some people can lead to serious infections.

Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the new FDA study claims to demonstrate that vaccines for acellular pertussis are effective at preventing the disease in those who are vaccinated. But at the very same time, the agency admits that, based on its findings, the vaccine itself spreads Bordetella pertussis, the bacteria responsible for triggering the highly contagious respiratory disease.

"[A]cellular pertussis vaccines licensed by the FDA are effective in preventing the disease among those vaccinated," claims the agency in a recent announcement, "but... they may not prevent infection from the bacteria that causes whooping cough in those vaccinated or its spread to other people, including those who may not be vaccinated."

In other words, the whooping cough vaccine is definitely effective at preventing the whooping cough, except that it's not. This is the essence of what the FDA is claiming here with this dichotomy -- people who are vaccinated for whooping cough are somehow protected against the disease, but they might still develop it as a result of contracting the bacterium responsible for triggering whooping cough, which is contained in the vaccine.

This type of meaningless equivocation is nothing new for the FDA, of course, which two years ago tried to pull the same
say-something-while-not-actually-saying-it stunt with bisphenol A
, the plastics chemical that has repeatedly been shown in scientific literature to damage hormones.

FDA admits whooping cough vaccines diminish immunity, increasing likelihood of infection

Besides putting those who receive it at a higher risk of developing pertussis infection, the pertussis vaccine also admittedly lowers immunity. In a recent press release about its study, the FDA spills the beans about how decreased immunity is a common adverse effect of the childhood pertussis vaccine, and that health experts have never really understood why those who are vaccinated against pertussis still contract the disease.

"While the reasons for the increase in cases of whooping cough are not fully understood, multiple factors are likely involved, including diminished immunity from childhood pertussis vaccines, improved diagnostic testing, and increased reporting," says the FDA. "With its own funds plus support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the FDA conducted the study to explore the possibility that acellular pertussis vaccines... might not prevent infection."

Based on this assessment, it is astounding that any parent would ever agree to having their baby injected with a chemical solution that just might cause the very same disease that it is supposed to prevent. We now know for a fact that children vaccinated for pertussis can still develop whooping cough and are, in fact, carriers that can spread the disease to others.

"This research suggests that although individuals immunized with an acellular pertussis vaccine may [emphasis added] be protected from disease, they may still become infected with the bacteria without always getting sick and are able to spread infection to others, including young infants who are susceptible to pertussis disease."

You can read the full FDA announcement here:

Sources for this article include:

18th Feb 2014

Children dying from pentavalent vaccine

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Opposition is mounting in many developing countries against the use of pentavalent, or five-in-one, vaccines, which are being aggressively pushed by health authorities as a public health requirement. Reports indicate that an increasing number of mostly infants are dying not long after receiving the controversial jab, which is said to trigger an immune response to five different diseases in a single vaccine. read full article

21st Jun 2013

Bought the Movie

The hidden story behind vaccines, big pharma, and food.

The hidden story about vaccines, autism, drugs and food... Americas health has been BOUGHT.

Your health, your family’s health. Now brought to you by Wall Street…

“If you thought they hurt us with the banks, wait till you see what they’re doing to health care.”

Vaccines. GMOs. Big Pharma.

Three big, BIG, okay… HUGE topics in one film. Why? Why not 3 films, why put all this in one movie?

Great question, 2 answers.

read more


3rd June 2013

Internet monitoring system to stalk social media users who question safety of vaccines

24th March 2013

Health Supreme - Vaccine damage in Great Britain: The consequences of Dr Wakefield’s trials

More and more evidence is coming to light that Dr. Wakefield was on the right track when he researched the connection between the MMR vaccine and intestinal inflammation in the vaccinated children.
Was Dr. Andrew Wakefield Right After All?
Wakefield’s Lancet Paper Vindicated
New Published Study Verifies Andrew Wakefield’s Research on Autism
But how did Dr. Wakefield first get into the sights of the UK vaccine industry and how was the campaign against him mounted?
Martin Walker, the author of "Dirty Medicine" and a number of other books on health, closely followed the case that eventually resulted in Dr. Wakefield's exile from the UK. He describes how it all happened and how the vaccine manufacturers were able to bring down the full weight of government and the courts against both Wakefield and the many parents who were suing for recognition of the damage vaccines had done to their children.
"As a campaigner of 40 years, I think that what surprises me most about Dr Wakefield’s case, is how easily and how completely we were defeated by the pharmaceutical companies, how over a thousand parents and children were written out of history together with their adverse drug reactions. Part of this defeat for the parents, the children and the doctors concerned was grounded in an unfortunate understanding that pharmaceutical company executives were decent people and humanitarians. In fact the pharmaceutical companies, their corporate structure and their relentless pursuit of profit, their fraudulent practices represent one of the last remaining shibboleths, in our society which need to be completely reformed, democratised, divested of vested interests and made public from top to bottom."
We do learn from experience. That is why we should pay attention to how this case went so wrong and why the campaign to ruin those researchers and to leave the damaged children by the wayside was mounted in the first place. So it won't happen again.
Here is Martin Walker's essay.
The Consequences of Dr Wakefield’s Trials

I am not a doctor or a medical scientist, my research and writing is sociological. For the past twenty years I have been investigating pharmaceutical lobby groups and campaigns against natural medicine. I have written 10 books and around 15 essays during this period — the essays are especially in relation to the case of Dr Andrew Wakefield. I attended every day of the three year General Medical Council (GMC) Fitness to Practice Hearing, in London, that tried Dr Wakefield and his two co-defendants, Professor Murch and Professor Walker-Smith.

* * *

The pharmaceutical companies are in turmoil. Their hold over many previously profitable drugs has loosened, their place being taken by generic equivalents. The industry is in a state of transition, stuck between short term ‘cures’ and condition specific drugs, and new ideas about how the psychology of the individual might be affected by chemically manufactured substances. As well as this, the industry is assaulted on all sides by a growing understanding about natural therapies such as homeopathy and nutrition.

There is, however, one area in which the pharmaceutical industry is making considerable profit and where their products do not discriminate for those who have specific illnesses; vaccination. A prophylactic, vaccination can be forced onto it’s subjects, in the name of community responsibility. There can of course be little moral or social objection to this, we would all want to make the small sacrifice of an hour or so, to have an injection and help the community stay healthy — Wouldn’t we?

The success of the vaccine market, however, does not just depend upon the subjects acceptance of herd immunity, it depends as well on selling the history of vaccines as an effective and safe ‘treatment’ and extolling the virtues of those who believe in it. But the matter of adverse reactions, introduces serious complications into the issue of vaccination. Governments buy vaccines and then prescribe them, governments have considerable power by which they can enforce vaccination. Whose responsibility is it to look after and care for those damaged by vaccines? In this area, the pharmaceutical companies will not argue responsibility, instead they claim that there are no adverse reactions.

The traditional way in the UK of claiming for damage created by drug is the civil action in court. Civil actions, however, are very complex and the claimant has to do two things; show that the particular drug could cause the specific injury — this is done by employing expert witnesses. Secondly, show that the individual claimant was in fact injured in the way they claim.

Since the Thalidomide cases in the 1960s — most of which were not won, by the damaged claimants, as many people believe— the pharmaceutical industry has worked hard to ensure that claims for damages caused by various drugs, fail in the courts.

* * *

From 1993 onwards, parents who considered their children to have been damaged by the MMR vaccine, began consulting with lawyers to make a claim against three vaccine manufacturers. By the year 2,000 there were over 1,000 claimants joined to this action.

One of the most devastating adverse reaction for both children who had received the MMR vaccine, and their parents was inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) which was sometimes followed by regressive autism. There were, however, other groups of adverse reaction, which stretched from deafness to epilepsy.

At the same time that the parents of vaccine damaged children gathered to begin preparing their court case, those whose children had IBD searched for a doctor who might be able to treat their children. In 1995, one of these parents found Dr Andrew Wakefield a prize winning medical research worker who specialised in the pathways of Crohn’s disease and treatments including bowel transplants.

In the early 1990s Wakefield’s work began to focus on the measles virus, both wild and incorporated in vaccinations, in Crohn’s disease. Between 1993 and 2003, he wrote 11 peer reviewed papers about the link between measles virus and Crohn’s or IBD. Wakefield’s suspicions about the measles virus, were, he wrote, ‘based upon the behaviour of the virus in the gut during the acute infection and it’s ability to persist and cause delayed disease.’ Wakefield began his collaborative studies of measles virus with researchers in Sweden.

As a consequence of the early studies, Wakefield had moved like the best of scientists into the social arena, setting up groups, both observational and active. With others he set up the UK National Twin registry of Inflammatory Bowel Disease at the Royal Free Hospital. This was the largest such registry in the world. Wakefield also organised two major data sets, The National Childhood Development Study and the British cohort Study 1970. The data bases were used for various research projects , including the effect of measles vaccination and such factors as smoking and appendicitis.

Throughout 1995 and 1996, as a growing number of parents who suspected that their children’s illness had been caused by vaccination, Dr Wakefield set up The national Register of Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease. This was the first register of IBD in any country in the world.

Wakefield was so affected by the continuing stream of parents who came to visit him at the Royal Free Hospital, that he contacted the Chief Medical Officer and suggested a meeting to discuss what he suggested was a possible danger to public health. It would be six years before Wakefield was to be granted such a meeting.

In 1995, the parents court cases and the work of Dr Wakefield came together, when he was chosen to be an expert witness for the claimants in IBD and autism cases. The lawyer for the claimants at this point, asked the Legal Aid Board for Legal Aid funding so that Dr Wakefield could pursue his research upon which his expert testimony could be based. In Britain this was common practice in the mid 1990’s, although today the Legal Services Commission (LSC) has failed to give claimants funding in other cases involving drug companies.

From 1996 to 2003, there seemed to be an uneasy truce between the MMR claimants, the pharmaceutical companies and the government. The only odd thing that occurred was that a consumer affairs journalist named Brian Deer began a series of articles in the Murdoch owned Sunday Times attacking expert witnesses in previous vaccine adverse reactions trials. Deer mercilessly attacked the expert witness who had appeared for the parents in the Whooping Cough vaccine trials in the 1970s. This doctor, like Dr Wakefield, had written a case review paper and had been attacked in court on his science and his personality. Parents lost the whooping cough claims in court. However, realising that it would be politic to stop claims coming to court for vaccine damage, the government set up a Vaccine Damage Payment Unit (VDPU). The VDPU got the pharmaceutical companies off the hook, with government funded awards with small amounts of money.

In 1998, 11 doctors at the Royal Free Hospital published a case review paper, in the Lancet, it observed the cases of 12 children who had sequentially presented at the Royal Free. All of them had IBD of one kind or another and some of them had developed regressive autism. The first contact of the parents and the children was usually Dr Wakefield.

At the press briefing for the paper’s publication, called by the Royal Free Hospital, Dr Wakefield was asked what parents should now do in relation to their child’s vaccination, given the conclusions of the paper that IBD and perhaps regressive autism might be connected in some manner with the MMR? Wakefield observed that parents might be advised to use single vaccines until their research at the Royal Free was finished. This statement undermined vaccine industry and government plans; for the previous decade, the vaccine industry and the government had been working on ‘combined vaccinations’ which could, eventually, cover all known illnesses in one vaccine!

The Lancet case review paper didn’t mention MMR except when reporting concerns of some parents that their children’s bowel illnesses had occurred just after their vaccination and they wondered if there was any connection. Of course the corporate media, reported nothing of Dr Wakefield’s previous work or even a proper analysis of this case review paper. At this time, however, Wakefield couldn’t be openly attacked because he was an expert witness in the upcoming trial and all matters to do with that trial were sub judice.

Following the Lancet case review paper in 1998 which was to become the subject of the GMC trial in 2007, Wakefield began to include in his published papers, reports of studies and writing about the link between gastroenterological problems and regressive autism. In the year 2000, with Scott Montgomery, Wakefield wrote his most devastating critique of the safety of MMR, ‘Measles, mumps, rubella vaccine: through a glass darkly’, in the Adverse Drug Reactions and Toxiological Reviews, (2000; 19: 265-283)

In 2003, the Legal Aid Board, which is a government agency, withdrew all the funding underpinning the parents’ decade long civil action. The parents appealed the decision and this appeal, heard by a judge whose brother sat on the board of GlaxoSmithKline, was turned down. The withdrawal of legal aid a — secret governmental decision — was argued publically on the grounds that the claimants were unable to prove that MMR caused autism — an argument that had never been made in the first place. When legal aid was withdrawn for the IBD/autism cases all the other cases of adverse reactions — over a thousand — also fell.

Now the court case was out of the way, the government and the pharmaceutical companies were able to turn their full attention on Dr Wakefield. A short time after the appeal against the withdrawal of legal aid, a long article by Brian Deer attacking Dr Wakefield, appeared in the Sunday Times. The article accused Wakefield of unethical research on autistic children, of using invasive procedures for research, a series of offences of dishonesty and obtaining a patent on a vaccine competing with MMR. When Deer’s article appeared, a number of Government and National Health Service personalities, including the Prime Minister Tony Bliar, commented publically on the guilt of Dr Wakefield. The following week, a complaint apparently written by Deer was presented to the General Medical Council (GMC).

The GMC is awash with conflicts of interest. The central and most important one of these is that since 1996 the GMC, which investigates and hears cases of malpractice against doctors, has accepted cases put to them and prepared by the pharmaceutical industry. These are cases which involve issues important to the pharmaceutical industry. Through a private enquiry agency which they own, the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries (ABPI) helped Brian Deer prepare this case against Dr Wakefield.

It took the GMC four years to develop the case against Wakefield, Professor Murch and Professor Walker-Smith. When the Fitness to Practice Hearing began in 2007, it was said by the prosecution that it would last three months; it lasted three years.

At it’s end, all three defendants were found guilty of the majority of the charges, Professor Murch was admonished by the hearing but allowed to keep his registration as a doctor, Professor Walker-Smith was not found guilty of any offences of dishonesty and the hearing decided that any ‘sentence’ should await his appeal in the high court. At this appeal, Walker-Smith was completely exonerated. The hearing found Dr Wakefield guilty on all charges including ones of dishonesty and his name was ‘erased’ from the medical register. In the days following the hearing a number of his peer reviewed papers were also ‘erased’ from the medical literature.

Immediately following the hearing, Brian Deer wrote articles in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), which built on the hearing but drew more far -reaching conclusions. Deer claimed that none of the children whose cases had been recorded in the 1998 case review study, had Inflammatory Bowel Disease. That the data on the children’s condition had been manipulated by Wakefield. According to Brian Deer, there was no such thing as an adverse reaction to the MMR vaccination.

These articles are presently the subject of a suit for defamation taken by Dr Wakefield against the BMJ, its editor Fiona Godlee and Brian Deer. The first part of this suit was heard in the US where the Wakefield’s now live. It was turned down by the court on jurisdicational issues and will now go to the UK.

* * *

What were the consequences of the attack on Dr Wakefield. The consequences are both public and personal.

On the personal side:

The majority of the British people are now convinced that Dr Wakefield was an unethical crook who manipulated his research in order to enrich himself.
Yet another scentist has been made into a dissident in the UK.
No further work ever undertaken by Dr Wakefield will be taken seriously.
Dr Wakefield and his family, having sought exile in the US are now without gainful employment.

4. Three generations of doctors in a British family have ended in dishonour.

On the Public side:

1. There will be no more research in Britain into the environmental causes of autism, especially measles generated IBD which might result in regressive autism.

2. There will be no research into the adverse reactions to vaccines in Britain in the near future.

3. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are now seemingly exempt from over 100 years of civil actions and claims for damages.

4. While pharmaceutically damaged claimants are no longer able to bring cases to court, the government and the medical establishment have given pharmaceutical industry the right to try doctors who they believe are acting against the interests of the pharmaceutical industry in the General Medical Council.

5. Legal Aid, a traditional financial aid to poorer sections of the community, will no longer be available to claimants wanting to bring cases against pharmaceutical companies.

6. The pharmaceutical company lobby groups and individual hucksters, have used Wakefield’s case to broaden their campaign to tighten up ‘ethical standards’ in research and more highly regulate research which affects the pharmaceutical companies.

As a campaigner of 40 years, I think that what surprises me most about Dr Wakefield’s case, is how easily and how completely we were defeated by the pharmaceutical companies, how over a thousand parents and children were written out of history together with their adverse drug reactions. Part of this defeat for the parents, the children and the doctors concerned was grounded in an unfortunate understanding that pharmaceutical company executives were decent people and humanitarians. In fact the pharmaceutical companies, their corporate structure and their relentless pursuit of profit, their fraudulent practices represent one of the last remaining shibboleths, in our society which need to be completely reformed, democratised, divested of vested interests and made public from top to bottom.
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21st Mar 2013

Obama 'ethics panel' gives thumbs up to testing anthrax vaccines on American babies

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Flu vaccines failed to provide protection this year, particularly among elderly

25th Feb 2013

The Science of Vaccine Damage

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FDA approves first GMO flu vaccine containing reprogrammed insect virus

15th Jan 2013

Why you need to know about the Coalition for Mercury-Free Drugs (CoMeD)

12th Jan 2013

Survey: Vaccinated children five times more prone to disease than unvaccinated children

8th Jan 2013

BSEM March 2011
The Health Hazards of Disease Prevention

The vaccination policy and the Code of Practice of the Joint Committee on
Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI): are they at odds?
Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD
Neural Dynamics Research Group, Dept. of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, University of British
Columbia, 828 W. 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1L8,

25th Dec 2012

New study: Infants receiving the most vaccines are the most likely to be hospitalized and die

21st Dec 2012

The Great Vaccine Fraud
16th Jul 2012

A wave of pharmaceutical company frauds
8th Jul 2012

Are We Being Set Up for Another Fabricated Pandemic Like the Swine Flu?

2nd Jul 2012

The Immunisation Awareness Society Inc brochure PDF

Brochure 2011 - final (1).pdf

28th June 2012

Merck vaccine fraud exposed by two Merck virologists; company faked mumps vaccine efficacy results for over a decade, says lawsuit

22nd Jun 2012

Stolen Freedoms Regained in Stunning Blow to State Lawmakers


30th May 2012

BMJ Assaulting alternative medicine: worthwhile or witch hunt?

27th May 2012

Pneumonia Vaccine Shown to Actually Increase Bacterial Infections It Is Supposed to Prevent

8th May 2012

Vaccine bombshell: Baby monkeys given standard doses of popular vaccines develop autism symptoms

30th Apr 2012

Vaccines have been based on medical fraud for over a hundred years
24th Apr 2012

Most Recalled Type of Drug Will Surprise You

Story at-a-glance

  • Recalls of biologics (drugs that contain an ingredient extracted from a “biological” source such as cells from humans, animals, or microorganisms) increased significantly from 2004-2010, but among them those for vaccines and immunoglobulins were higher than any other drug classes
  • From 2007 to 2010, 14 recalls for vaccines and 13 recalls for immunoglobulins were made
  • Vaccines are not adequately tested for safety and effectiveness using methodologically sound scientific studies before they are licensed, so all of their side effects and long-term negative health outcomes are often unknown
  • Vaccine manufacturers are totally shielded from liability and accountability in civil court for vaccine injuries and deaths -- even if they could have made a vaccine less harmful


22nd Apr 2012

As children's brains are being eaten by vaccines, parents urged to ignore the symptoms and 'soothe' their babies

22nd Apr 2012

Australian doctors still administering banned flu vaccine to children

20th Apr 2012

Untested vaccines causing new wave of polio-like paralysis across India

17th Apr 2012

Military Works To Limit Malaria Drug In Midst Of Afghanistan Massacre

17th Apr 2012

Big Surprise - Whooping Cough Spreads Mainly through Vaccinated Populations

11th Ap 2012

The Neurological Poison So Common Your Doctor Probably Pushes It

8th Apr 2012

Swine flu vaccines cause 17-fold increase in narcolepsy, horrified scientists discover

5th Apr 2012

Vaccine failure admitted: Whooping cough outbreaks higher among children already vaccinated

1st Apr 2012

FDA admits in court case that vaccines still contain mercury

29th Mar 2012

Bedrock of vaccination theory crumbles as science reveals antibodies not necessary to fight viruses

29th Mar 2012

Inject children or lose money

20th Mar 2012

Dr. Russell Blaylock interview on mandatory vaccine trials, fraudulent vaccine science, and vaccine ethics - March 2012

16th Mar 2012

Doctor from MMR controversy wins High Court appeal - next up, Dr. Andrew Wakefield himself

13th Mar 2012

Dirty secrets of the vaccine industry

23rd Feb 2012

The Cruel Science Experiment They Want to Force You to Take

22nd Feb 2012

The Greater Good is a documentary film that looks behind the fear, hype and politics that have polarized the vaccine debate in America today. The film re-frames the emotionally charged issue and offers, for the first time, an opportunity for a rational and scientific discussion

25th Jan 2012

New Evidence Refutes Fraud Findings in Dr. Wakefield Case

22nd Jan 2012

CDC researchers say mothers should stop breastfeeding to boost 'efficacy' of vaccines

28th Dec 2011

The Dangerous Procedure Doctors Swear by (but Aren't Liable for)

29th Nov 2011

Gardasil Girls totally destroyed by Vaccine (personal stories never heard)

27th Nov 2011

43% of Americans Risked Their Brain Health because they got a flue shot in 2010

9th Nov 2011

Truth comes out: 2009 H1N1 flu pandemic 'deaths' of children were actually caused by MRSA

3rd Nov 2011

Vaccines Can Lead to Seizures, Paralysis, Blindness, and Death

2nd Nov 2011

Exposed: CDC deliberately manipulated, covered up scientific data showing link between vaccines containing mercury and autism

(NaturalNews) Deniers of the link between mercury-laden vaccines and autism are going to have a hard time denying the latest findings by the Coalition for Mercury-Free Drugs (CoMeD). The nonprofit group has obtained critical documents via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that exposes the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) role in deliberately lying about and manipulating a key Danish study that showed a clear link between vaccines containing mercury and autism
23rd Oct 2011

Media pushes 'success' of experimental GSK malaria vaccine while ignoring deadly side effects

(NaturalNews) The mainstream media is abuzz with excitement over GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK) latest offering, a malaria trial vaccine that the company claims can cut the risk of clinical and severe malaria in children by 56 percent and 47 percent, respectively. But what GSK and the media are failing to report are the deadly side effects that may accompany the vaccine. read full article

28th Oct 2011

Dangerous HPV Vaccinations Forced on Boys with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny 1/2

Dangerous HPV Vaccinations Forced on Boys with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny 2/2

2nd Oct 2011

Proof Vaccines Killing People

17th Sep 2011

Merck vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman admitted presence of SV40, AIDS and cancer viruses in vaccines

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) One of the most prominent vaccine scientists in the history of the vaccine industry -- a Merck scientist -- made a recording where he openly admits that vaccines given to Americans were contaminated with leukemia and cancer viruses. In response, his colleagues (who are also recorded here) break out into laughter and seem to think it's hilarious. They then suggest that because these vaccines are first tested in Russia, they will help the U.S. win the Olympics because the Russian athletes will all be "loaded down with tumors." (Thus, they knew these vaccines caused cancer in humans.)

This isn't some conspiracy theory -- these are the words of a top Merck scientist who probably had no idea that his recording would be widely reviewed across the internet (which didn't even exist when he made this recording). He probably thought this would remain a secret forever. When asked why this didn't get out to the press, he replied "Obviously you don't go out, this is a scientific affair within the scientific community."

In other words, vaccine scientists cover for vaccine scientists. They keep all their dirty secrets within their own circle of silence and don't reveal the truth about the contamination of their vaccines. read full story
17th Sep 2011

A Parent's Horrid Nightmare: Coming Soon to YOUR State?

1st Sep 2011

Investigation panel concludes U.S. government conspired with doctors to commit murderous medical experiments in Guatemala


Institute of Medicine adverse reactions report admits MMR vaccines cause measles, seizures, anaphylaxis and other health problems


Pro-vaccine agenda in shambles after pivotal Washington meeting


NaturalNews exposes secret vaccine industry ties and military involvement with Institute of Medicine, reveals fatal conflicts of interest at IoM

2nd Aug 2011

Scientists hyping 'universal' flu shot to perpetuate vaccine scam

(NaturalNews) Influenza vaccination rates are on the decline as Americans increasingly learn not only that flu shots contain harmful additives like Thimerosal (mercury), but also that they do not even work as claimed (one of the "side effects" of getting a flu shot, after all, is the flu itself).

read full story

7th Jul 2011

One of the Most Inexcusable Vaccine Revelations of All

27th Aug 2011

Indictment of vaccine researcher demands review of published scientific conclusions

by PF Louis

(NaturalNews) When it comes to vaccine efficacy and safety, the vaccine industry, CDC, and other medical establishment authorities close their eyes and lie so often it sticks as reality to the mainstream media and gets to the masses. One only needs to look at the criminality of major vaccine pushers to begin questioning the vaccine industry's veracity. Some of them have actually been indicted or reprimanded for fraudulent activity.

read full story

26th Jul 2011

Gates Foundation partner forces vaccines on Malawian children at gunpoint, arrests parents

4th Jun 2011

CDC admits flu vaccines don't work (which is why you need a new one every year)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor
read full story
17th Jan 2011

UK Finally Makes Smart Decision to Protect Children… Why Doesn’t the US?

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17th Jan 2011

Bill Gates wants to register all new babies on the planet for vaccines

Learn more:
5th Jan 2011

With proper planning, selective rather than mass vaccination can provide immunity against flu, say Hebrew U., US scientists

With the current outbreak of the flu season in Israel, hospitals are reporting overcrowding, and doctors are advising people who have not yet been vaccinated against flu to get their shots. read full story

11th Jan 2011

UK blames healthy people for causing flu vaccine shortage

(NaturalNews) After months of hyping up the flu scare across the UK, the mad rush of citizens seeking to buy the vaccine has caused a severe shortage. UK hospitals and clinics have run out of the vaccine, and now a prominent doctor from the Royal College of GPs has publicly urged UK authorities to outlaw the purchasing of vaccines by 'healthy people' because they don't really need the vaccine anyway.
30th Dec 2010

The Lethal Medical Failure That's Still Recommended by Your Doctor

20th Dec 2010

Fraudulent herbal immune supplement fails to reduce flu symptoms for 99 percent of people

Monday, December 20, 2010
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
(NaturalNews) In an independent review published in a peer-reviewed medical journal (see below), a popular herbal immune supplement called "ImmunoFlu Remedy" was found to fraudulently marketed as a "flu prevention supplement." Its makers claim that if you take the supplement, you won't get the flu and won't miss a day of work during the flu season (a silly claim, eh?). But clinical testing recently revealed that ImmunoFlu Remedy only works to reduce flu symptoms on 1 out of every 100 people who take the supplement, meaning it is 99 percent ineffective.

Learn more: read full story
2nd Sept 2010

India halts HPV vaccine trial after six girls die, US does nothing in response to 67 deaths and counting

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2nd Sept 2010

Evidence-based vaccinations: A scientific look at the missing science behind flu season vaccines

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15th May 2010

Amazingly, this Country Actually Bans the Flu Vaccine

Seasonal flu vaccinations have been suspended in Australia for all children under the age of five. The suspension comes after 23 children in Western Australia were admitted to hospitals with convulsions after receiving flu injections.

More than 250 children may have had adverse reactions to the vaccine, with symptoms including fever, vomiting and convulsions.

WA Today reports that:

“Another 40 convulsion cases had been detected in the past month in children at other metropolitan hospitals ... Doctors are now working to determine how many of those children received the flu vaccine.”

20th Jan 2010

H1N1 swine flu hoax falls apart at the seams

Wednesday, January 20, 2010
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of

(NaturalNews) The great swine flu hoax of 2009 is now falling apart at the seams as one country after another unloads hundreds of millions of doses of unused swine flu vaccines. No informed person wants the injection anymore, and the entire fear-based campaign to promote the vaccines has now been exposed as outright quackery and propaganda.

read full story


WHO and Big Pharma: Guilty of Blackmail and Extortion in Swine Flu Fiasco?

On January 25 the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) will launch an emergency inquiry regarding the influence of pharmaceutical companies on the global swine flu campaign. read full story

20th Nov 2009

Major Victory with Swine Flu Scandal

20th Nov 2009

Aspirin kills 400% more people than H1N1 swine flu

19th Nov 2009

Highly recommend that you watch the video presentation (from a Dr who has become a Catalona Nun & can thus speak without fear of losing her job)

The first by Marek Podlecki of Poland
Jane Burgermeister - Vienna, 20.09.2009
It lays out very simply and clearly the whole swine flu issue & the Baxter attempt at starting a real pandemic, as well the WHO’s involvement in it.

The second
Revelations of the Swine Flu and Forced Vaccinations - Just Say No to the Vaccine
You are likely aware of the new outbreak in the Ukraine - The WHO is stonewalling the releasing
relevant gene sequences and continue to allow air traffic in and out of Western Europe and Noth America
(New York and Alberta) among other international desitinations.

17th Nov 2009

What the Inventor of the Flu Shot NOW Thinks of the Vaccine...

27th Oct 2009

New Dr Mercola Swine flu site

27th Oct 2009

"The New 'Twilight Zone' --
Obama Declares Swine Flu Emergency"

The shocking truth about why Obama announced a National Public Health Emergency in the US this weekend.

Dr. Mercola Interviews Barbara Loe Fisher, founder of the National Vaccine Information Center

President Barack Obama declared the swine flu outbreak a national emergency on Friday October 23, empowering the health secretary to suspend federal requirements and speed up treatment.

His declaration authorizes Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to bypass normal federal regulations so health officials can respond more quickly to the outbreak, which, allegedly, has killed more than 1,000 people in the United States.

"As a nation, we have prepared at all levels of government, and as individuals and communities, taking unprecedented steps to counter the emerging pandemic," Obama wrote in the declaration, which the White House announced Saturday.

He said the pandemic keeps evolving, the rates of illness are rising rapidly in many areas and there's a potential "to overburden health care resources."

Because of vaccine production delays, the government has backed off initial estimates that 120 million doses would be available by mid-October. As of mid-October, only 11 million doses had been shipped to health departments, doctor's offices and other providers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials said.

The government now estimates to have about 50 million doses of swine flu vaccine out by mid-November and 150 million in December.

read the full article here

24th Oct 2009

What OTC Drug May Have Killed More People in 1918 Flu Pandemic than Flu Itself?

Posted by: Dr. Mercola
October 24 2009 | 47,466 views

Historic evidence points to too much aspirin as a contributor to high death tolls during the 1918-1919 flu pandemic.

Most causes of death from influenza are actually the result of pneumonia. Deaths from flu in 1918 were attributable to lung complications, potentially caused by taking too much aspirin.

read full article

23rd Oct 2009

New York abandons swine flu vaccine mandate for health care workers, blames vaccine shortage

(NaturalNews) New York State Health Commissioner Richard F. Daines announced today that public health workers will no longer be required to receive swine flu vaccinations. The state had been sued by the Public Employees Federation to stop the vaccine mandate, and a state judge had granted the group a temporary restraining order against mandatory vaccine injections. read full story

21st Oct 2009

ALERT: Special Swine Flu Update

Interview with Barb Loe Fisher, Founder of the National Vaccine Information Center

read full info

121th Oct 2009

ANH Press Release: Urgent call for HPV vaccine inquiry

Severe adverse reactions to HPV leading to brain damage or even death may be rare, or even very rare. But until the known risks are properly communicated to the public, informed choice does not exist. We call on recipients of this eBlast to communicate with your parliamentary representative, whether in the UK, other European countries, the US, Canada, Australia or elsewhere, and put pressure on your government to release all the known facts over the risk of this controversial vaccine—or initiate a scientific inquiry. read full story  

12th Oct 2009

Vaccine revolt! Swine flu vaccine support crumbles as flimsy rationale for H1N1 shots becomes apparent

(NaturalNews) Public support for the swine flu vaccine is evaporating by the day as the rationale for the vaccine appears increasingly ludicrous to anyone paying attention. Moms, nurses, day care workers and members of the general public are increasingly realizing that Big Pharma's rationale for swine flu vaccination just doesn't add up. read full story

9th Oct 2009

Urgent lawsuit filed against FDA to halt swine flu vaccines; claims FDA violated federal law

Friday, October 09, 2009 by: Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Health freedom attorney Jim Turner is filing a lawsuit in Washington D.C. mid-day Friday in an urgent effort to halt the distribution of the swine flu vaccine in America. On behalf of plaintiffs Dr. Gary Null and other licensed health care workers of New York State, the lawsuit charges that the FDA violated the law in its hasty approval of four swine flu vaccines by failing to scientifically determine neither the safety nor efficacy of the vaccines.

"The suit will seek an injunction against the FDA from approving the vaccine," attorney Jim Turner told NaturalNews on Thursday evening's Natural News Talk Hour show. "And the core of the argument is that they have not done the proper safety and efficacy tests on the vaccine to allow it to be release at this time."
read full story

8th Oct 2009

Top researcher who worked on cervical cancer vaccine warns about its dangers

(NaturalNews) One of the key researchers involved in the clinical trials for both Gardasil and Cevarix cervical cancer vaccines has gone public with warnings about their safety and effectiveness. This highly unusual warning against these vaccines by one of Big Pharma's own researchers surfaced in an exclusive interview with the Sunday Express in the UK over the last few days. There, Dr. Diane Harper openly admitted the vaccine doesn't even prevent cervical cancer, stating, "[The vaccine] will not decrease cervical cancer rates at all."

This is astonishing news. The whole push behind the cervical cancer vaccines is based on the belief that they prevent cervical cancer. That belief, it turns out, is a myth.

Dr. Harper also warned that the cervical cancer vaccine was being "over-marketed" and that parents should be warned about the possible risk of severe side effects from the vaccine. She even concluded that the vaccine itself is more dangerous than the cervical cancer it claims to prevent! read full story

6th Oct 2009

Do NOT Let Your Child Get Flu Vaccine -- 9 Reasons Why

This year it is more important that you protect your children and loved ones from the flu vaccines than influenza itself. This article on Lew Rockwell discusses how: read full story

2nd Oct 2009

Mandatory Flu Vaccination Riles Health Care Workers – They’ll March

(New York / New Jersey) - New York is requiring some health care workers to get  a seasonal flu shot now and the H1N1 shot later- -or lose their jobs. But now, a lawsuit filed in new Jersey may help workers in Rochester.

A lawsuit filed in New Jersey calls the mandatory flu shot unconstitutional, but so far a federal judge has denied an injunction which would halt forced vaccinations in any state while the case moves forward.

read full story

2nd Oct 2009

Irish government's plans to vaccinate entire population hits resistance

Resistance is growing to the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE)'s plans to vaccinate the entire Irish population in 60 mass vaccination centres around the country.

The Irish Times carries a report saying that the risk of the swine flu vaccine is greater than the swine flu itself.

Risk from swine flu vaccine 'greater than catching virus'


THE RISKS associated with catching the current strain of the H1N1 virus are less than those connected with being given a new vaccine which has had limited clinical trials, according to an international commentator on swine flu.

“I believe vaccination may be right in the future – particularly if the virus becomes more virulent – but at the moment, the risks associated with vaccination outweigh the benefits,” said Dr Robert Verkerk, an environmental toxicologist who now works for the London-based Alliance for Natural Health.

“My concerns in particular are for pregnant women and babies under six months because we don’t know what the vaccine will do to young babies and unborn foetuses,” he said.

full story

2nd Oct 2009

New Zealand health minister pushing swine flu jab sits on WHO executive board

Tony Ryall, the New Zealand Minister of Health, is a member of the executive board of the World Health Organisation.

His membership of WHO's executive board is not mentioned in his official government biography, raising fears that he is concealing a conflict of interest from the New Zealand general public.

The revelation that Ryall is a member of the exective board of WHO -- funded by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds and strongly  influenced by the interests of pharmaceutical companies --  comes after it emerged that the French Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot worked for 12 years in the pharmaceutical industry but removed all reference to her work from her official CV, giving a misleading impression of her links to big pharma. 

click here to read full story

25th Sep 2009

VERY Important Vaccine Question

The National Autism Association has posed a poignant, and long overdue, question to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA): How much longer will you approve vaccines that haven’t been tested in combination with one another?

This is a consideration that every new parent needs to be aware of, as although individual vaccines have been tested for safety (with often not-very-reassuring results), the entire vaccination schedule has NOT, and neither have the other vaccines that are administered in groups of up to 14 at the same time.
click here to read full story

22nd Sep 2009

Leaked UN report claims swine flu could "kill millions" and cause "anarchy" in poor nations
19th Sep 2009

Len Horowitz files pandemic charges against Rockefeller

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Drug-industry investigators have uncovered documents exposing an international drug ring, operating from New York City, is behind the H1N1 swine flu fright and vaccination preparations.

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Sherri Kane, an investigative journalist, have released evidence in legal affidavits that leaders of a private global biotechnology "trust" are behind the pandemic flu, including its origin and alleged prevention via vaccinations. Their documents, being sent by attorneys to the FBI this week, evidence industrialists are operating a crime ring within the "Partnership for New York City" (PNYC), and are behind the pandemic's creation, media persuasions, vaccination preparations, and health official promotions. click here to read full story

18th Sep 2009

Ten Swine Flu Lies Told by the Mainstream Media

(NaturalNews) The mainstream media is engaged in what we Americans call "bald faced lies" about swine flu. It seems to be true with this issue more than any other, and it became apparent to me recently when a colleague of mine -- a nationally-syndicated newspaper columnist -- told me their column on natural defenses for swine flu was rejected by newspapers all across the country. Many newspapers refused to run the column and, instead, ran an ad for "free vaccine clinics" in the same space.

16th Sep 2009

"You Should Skip the Flu Vaccine --
But What If Forced to Take It?"

Know what to do now to protect yourself naturally from renegade viruses -- AND their questionable vaccines! Here are your must-know facts...

There’s no need to panic – despite the daily bad-news barrage about swine flu.

This is a manufactured “pandemic”. Truly much worse health issues should be vying for your attention.

Numerous questions about the much-touted swine flu vaccine press for answers…

  • Are the vaccines in question safe? Do they even work?

  • Have they been adequately tested?

  • Is their testing even honest – i.e., are they testing the exact same vaccine they will then force on you? And are tests conducted with absolute integrity and neutrality?

  • Does the gravity of the illness even justify mass immunizations?

  • Why are medical professionals and virologists (those who study these viruses) so adamant that they do not plan to immunize themselves or family members?

Too much doubt surrounds each of these questions to even come close to guaranteeing the vaccine’s efficacy.

To add insult to injury, now Big Pharma has been granted immunity from all lawsuits such as those that resulted from the 1970s swine flu vaccine boondoggle.

You and your loved ones simply have no recourse if you get the shot and react severely, or even die, from complications of the vaccine.

No recourse.

Meanwhile the vaccine manufacturers’ gluttonous appetite for profit – in collaboration with your government – could end up forcing your hand.

Dr. Blaylock suggests fifteen actions you can take to protect your immune system from invasion by these foreign substances, in the event you are forced to take the shot.

In the meantime, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, and that each person is allowed to make their own reasoned decision about the vaccine.

8th Sep 2009

Another Shocking Warning About Swine Flu Vaccine

Posted by: Dr. Mercola
September 08 2009

The swine flu vaccine has been hit by new cancer fears after a German health expert gave a shocking warning about its safety.

Lung specialist Wolfgang Wodarg has said that there are many risks associated with the vaccine for the H1N1 virus. The nutrient solution for the vaccine consists of cancerous cells from animals, and some fear that the risk of cancer could be increased by injecting the cells.

The vaccine can also cause worse side effects than the actual swine flu virus. read full story


6th Sep 2009

WHO Admits to Releasing Pandemic Virus into Population via 'Mock-Up' Vaccines

WHO Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 briefing note 6

Warning: Swine Flu Shot Linked to Killer Nerve Disease



"Mock-up" pandemic vaccines bypass genuine safety testing, turning population into guinea pigs

read full story

28th Aug 2009

WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT: Anti-Forced-Vaccination Demonstration - Vancouver 08-28-09

On August 28th, 2009, the world's first public demonstration against the threat of forced vaccination, in regard to the (A)H1N1 (Human-Avian-Swine) Flu took place in Vancouver, BC, Canada, in front of the Art Gallery, on one of Vancouver's busiest streets. This event was primarily informational in nature, but also intended to send a message to the federal and provincial governments of Canada, the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) and the Pharmaceutical Industry regarding mass vaccination plans.

This was the kick-off to a national weekend of information sharing and protests across Canada. Other activists groups in both Toronto and Ottawa also participated by disseminating on their busy city streets, but many individuals in smaller towns also participated.

The event was organized by the newly formed Vaccine Resistance Movement in Canada and featured a number of local researchers and activists who have been researching the 'vaccine dangers' issue, threats to natural health solutions, as well as False Flag Events and Psychological Operations for many years, including Joel Lord, Kevin Annett, Candace Hill, Croft Woodruff, Inge Hanle, Reg Argue and Wayne Prante, with supporting statements of agreement from Connie Fogal, Dee Nicholson, Dr. Andrew Moulden and Dr. Christopher Shaw.

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The audio / video quality are not great. We did the best we could with amateur equipment and absolutely no budget.

I spent the entire weekend editing to try and smooth it out and make it more professional looking. It is watchable and contains some great info, and we hope that others will find it inspiring.  We are committed to doing more as we head into Fall and hope all of you will get on board with this effort, regardless of where you live.
Thanks to everyone who helped out and to those who attended and participated!


29th Aug 2009

Wake Up, America: Forced vaccinations, quarantine camps, health care interrogations and mandatory "decontaminations"

(NaturalNews) The United States of America is devolving into medical fascism and Massachusetts is leading the way with the passage of a new bill, the "Pandemic Response Bill" 2028, reportedly just passed by the MA state Senate and now awaiting approval in the House. This bill suspends virtually all Constitutional rights of Massachusetts citizens and forces anyone "suspected" of being infected to submit to interrogations, "decontaminations" and vaccines.
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Don't Inject Me (The Swine Flu Vaccine song) by Michael Adams

29th Aug 2009

Facts about Swine Flu Powerpoint

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"If people let the government decide what foods they eat
and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be
in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live
under tyranny." --Thomas Jefferson

28th Aug 2009

Swine flu vaccine rollout back on track

28 August 2009 | 05:07:32 PM | Source: AAP

The national rollout of a swine flu vaccine is back on track after one of Australia's largest medical insurance providers agreed to cover doctors administering the drug.... click here to read full story

28th Aug 2009

Swine flu vaccine program in jeopardy

Julie Robotham
August 28, 2009

THE Federal Government's plan to immunise the population against swine flu is in chaos because doctors' insurers may not cover them to administer the jab, saying inadequate testing and the possibility of spreading other infections mean there is too high a risk that patients will sue them later... read full article


Journalist Accuses WHO of Plan to Commit Mass Murder

Austrian investigative journalist Jane Burgermeister has filed criminal charges against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several of the highest ranking government and corporate officials, charging them with bioterrorism and attempts to commit genocide.

In April, she filed charges against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria for producing and releasing live bird flu virus’, alleging it was a deliberate act to cause and profit from a pandemic.

When a Czech scientist tested their seasonal flu vaccine, he found that they contained live H5N1 and live H3N2 viruses. Burgermeister’s charges include evidence that Baxter deliberately sent out 72 kilos of live bird flu virus, supplied by the WHO in the winter of 2009.

She claims to have decisive proof that drug companies and government agencies are actively engaged in distributing deadly biological agents in order to trigger a pandemic.

She has also prepared an injunction against forced vaccination, alleging mandatory vaccines will be purposely contaminated with diseases.

Sources: read more


Austrian investigative journalist Jane Burgermeister has filed criminal charges against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several of the highest ranking government and corporate officials, charging them with bioterrorism and attempts to commit genocide.

In April, she filed charges against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria for producing and releasing live bird flu virus’, alleging it was a deliberate act to cause and profit from a pandemic.

When a Czech scientist tested their seasonal flu vaccine, he found that they contained live H5N1 and live H3N2 viruses. Burgermeister’s charges include evidence that Baxter deliberately sent out 72 kilos of live bird flu virus, supplied by the WHO in the winter of 2009.

She claims to have decisive proof that drug companies and government agencies are actively engaged in distributing deadly biological agents in order to trigger a pandemic.

She has also prepared an injunction against forced vaccination, alleging mandatory vaccines will be purposely contaminated with diseases.


20th July 2009

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Explains the Autism Cover up

20th July 2009

Video: Swine Flu 1976 & Propaganda - The Devastation, The Victims Who Took The Shots Back In 1976 - "WARNING" "WARNING" - 16 Min

As the anticipated July release date for Baxter's A/H1N1 flu pandemic vaccine approaches, an Austrian investigative journalist is warning the world that the greatest crime in the history of humanity is underway. Jane Burgermeister has recently filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and several of the highest ranking government and corporate officials concerning bioterrorism and attempts to commit mass murder. She has also prepared an injunction against forced vaccination which is being filed in America.

These actions follow her charges filed in April against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology of Austria for producing contaminated bird flu vaccine, alleging this was a deliberate act to cause and profit from a pandemic.

Summary of claims and allegations filed with FBI in Austria on June 10, 2009

In her charges, Burgermeister presents evidence of acts of bioterrorism that is in violation of U.S. law by a group operating within the U.S. under the direction of international bankers who control the Federal Reserve, as well as WHO, UN and NATO. This bioterrorism is for the purpose of carrying out a mass genocide against the U.S. population by use of a genetically engineered flu pandemic virus with the intent of causing death. This group has annexed high government offices in the U.S.

Specifically, evidence is presented that the defendants, Barack Obama, President of the U.S, David Nabarro, UN System Coordinator for Influenza, Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO, Kathleen Sibelius, Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services, Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Department of Homeland Security, David de Rotschild, banker, David Rockefeller, banker, George Soros, banker, Werner Faymann, Chancellor of Austria, and Alois Stoger, Austrian Health Minister, among others, are part of this international corporate criminal syndicate which has developed, produced, stockpiled and employed biological weapons to eliminate the population of the U.S. and other countries for financial and political gain.

The charges contend that these defendants conspired with each other and others to devise, fund and participate in the final phase of the implementation of a covert international bioweapons program involving the pharmaceutical companies Baxter and Novartis. They did this by bioengineering and then releasing lethal biological agents, specifically the "bird flu" virus and the "swine flu virus" in order to have a pretext to implement a forced mass vaccination program which would be the means of administering a toxic biological agent to cause death and injury to the people of the U.S. This action is in direct violation of the Biological Weapons Anti-terrorism Act.

Burgermeister's charges include evidence that Baxter AG, Austrian subsidiary of Baxter International, deliberately sent out 72 kilos of live bird flu virus, supplied by the WHO in the winter of 2009 to 16 laboratories in four counties. She claims this evidence offers clear proof that the pharmaceutical companies and international government agencies themselves are actively engaged in producing, developing, manufacturing and distributing biological agents classified as the most deadly bioweapons on earth in order to trigger a pandemic and cause mass death.

In her April charges, she noted that Baxter's lab in Austria, one of the supposedly most secure biosecurity labs in the world, did not adhere to the most basic and essential steps to keep 72 kilos of a pathogen classified as a bioweapon secure and separate from all other substances under stringent biosecurity level regulations, but it allowed it to be mixed with the ordinary human flu virus and sent from its facilities in Orth in the Donau.

In February, when a staff member at BioTest in the Czech Republic tested the material meant for candidate vaccines on ferrets, the ferrets died. This incident was not followed up by any investigation from the WHO, EU, or Austrian health authorities. There was no investigation of the content of the virus material, and there is no data on the genetic sequence of the virus released.

In answer to parliamentary questions on May 20th, the Austrian Health Minister, Alois Stoger, revealed that the incident had been handled not as a biosecurity lapse, as it should have been, but as an offence against the veterinary code. A veterinary doctor was sent to the lab for a brief inspection.

Burgermeister's dossier reveals that the release of the virus was to be an essential step for triggering a pandemic that would allow the WHO to declare a Level 6 Pandemic. She lists the laws and decrees that would allow the UN and WHO to take over the United States in the event of pandemic. In addition, legislation requiring compliance with mandatory vaccinations would be put into force in the U.S. under conditions of pandemic declaration.

She charges that the entire "swine flu" pandemic business is premised on a massive lie that there is no natural virus out there that poses a threat to the population. She presents evidence leading to the belief that the bird flu and swine flu viruses have, in fact, been bioengineered in laboratories using funding supplied by the WHO and other government agencies, among others. This "swine flu" is a hybrid of part swine flu, part human flu and part bird flu, something that can only come from laboratories according to many experts.

WHO's claim that this "swine flu" is spreading and a pandemic must be declared ignores the fundamental causes. The viruses that were released were created and released with the help of WHO, and WHO is overwhelmingly responsible for the pandemic in the first place. In addition, the symptoms of the supposed "swine flu" are indistinguishable from regular flu or from the common cold. The "swine flu" does not cause death anymore often than the regular flu causes death.

Burgermeister notes that the figures for deaths reported for the "swine flu" are inconsistent and there is no clarity as to how the number of "deaths" has been documented.

There is no pandemic potential unless mass vaccinations are carried out to weaponize the flu under the guise of protecting the population. There are reasonable grounds for believing that the mandatory vaccines will be purposely contaminated with diseases that are specifically designed to cause death.

Reference is made to a licensed Novartis bird flu vaccine that killed 21 homeless people in Poland in the summer of 2008 and had as its "primary outcome measure" an "adverse events rate", thereby meeting the U.S. government's own definition of a bioweapon (a biological agent designed to cause an adverse events rate, i.e death or injury) with a delivery system (injection).

She alleges that the same complex of international pharmaceutical companies and international government agencies that have developed and released pandemic material have positioned themselves to profit from triggering the pandemic with contracts to supply vaccines. Media controlled by the group that is engineering the "swine flu" agenda is spreading misinformation to lull the people of the U.S. into taking the dangerous vaccine.

The people of the U.S. will suffer substantial and irreparable harm and injury if they are forced to take this unproven vaccine without their consent in accordance with the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, National Emergency Act, National Security Presidential Directive/NSPD 51, Homeland Security Presidential Directive/HSPD-20, and the International Partnership on Avian and Pandemic Influenza.

In the U.S. since 2008, Burgermeister charges that those named in her allegations have implemented new and/or accelerated the implementation of laws and regulations designed to strip the citizens of the U.S. of their lawful constitutional rights to refuse an injection. These people have created or allowed provisions to remain in place that make it a criminal act to refuse to take an injection against pandemic viruses. They have imposed other excessive and cruel penalties such as imprisonment and/or quarantine in FEMA camps while barring the citizens of the U.S. from claiming compensation from injury or death from the forced injections. This is in violation of the laws governing federal corruption and the abuse of office as well as of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Through these actions, the named defendants have laid the groundwork for mass genocide.

Using the "swine flu" as a pretext, the defendants have preplanned the mass murder of the U.S. population by means of forced vaccination. They have installed an extensive network of FEMA concentration camps and identified mass grave sites, and they have been involved in devising and implementing a scheme to hand power over the U.S. to an international crime syndicate that uses the UN and WHO as a front for illegal racketeering influenced organized crime activities, in violation of the laws that govern treason.

She further charges that the complex of pharmaceutical companies consisting of Baxter, Novartis and Sanofi Aventis are part of a foreign-based dual purpose bioweapons program, financed by this international criminal syndicate and designed to implement mass murder to reduce the world's population by more than 5 billion people in the next ten years. Their plan is to spread terror to justify forcing people to give up their rights, and to force mass quarantine in FEMA camps. The houses, companies and farms and lands of those who are killed will be up for grabs by this syndicate.

By eliminating the population of North America, the international elite gain access to the region's natural resources such as water and undeveloped oil lands. And by eliminating the U.S. and its democratic constitution by subsuming it under a North American Union, the international crime group will have total control over North America.

Highlights from the complete dossier

The complete dossier of the June 10th action is a 69 page document presenting evidence to substantiate all charges. This includes:

Factual background that delineates time lines and facts that establish probable cause, UN and WHO definitions and roles, and history and incidents from the April, 2009 "swine flu" outbreak.

Evidence the "swine flu" vaccines are defined as bioweapons as delineates in government agencies and regulations classifying and restricting vaccines, and the fear of foreign countries that "swine flu" vaccines will be used for biological warfare.

Scientific evidence the "swine flu" virus is an artificial (genetic) virus.

Scientific evidence the "swine flu" was bioengineered to resemble the Spanish flu virus of 1918 including quotes from Swine Flu 2009 is Weaponized 1918 Spanish Flu by A. True Ott, Ph.D., N.D., and a Science Magazine report from Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger

The genome sequence of the "swine flu"

Evidence of the deliberate release of the "swine flu" in Mexico

Evidence as to the involvement of President Obama that delineates his trip to Mexico which coincided with the recent "swine flu" outbreak and the death of several officials involved in his trip. Contention is made that the President was never tested for "swine flu" because he had been previously vaccinated.

Evidence as to the role of Baxter and WHO in producing and releasing pandemic virus material in Austria includes a statement from a Baxter official stating the accidentally distributed H5N1 in the Czech Republic was received from a WHO reference center. This includes delineation of evidence and allegations from Burgermeister's charges filed in April in Austria that are currently under investigation.

Evidence Baxter is an element in a covert bioweapons network

Evidence Baxter has deliberately contaminated vaccine material.

Evidence Novartis is using vaccines as bioweapons

Evidence as to WHO's role in the bioweapons program

Evidence as to WHO's manipulation of disease data in order to justify declaring a Pandemic Level 6 in order to seize control of the USA.

Evidence as to the FDA's role in covering up the bioweapons program

Evidence as to Canada's National Microbiology Lab's role in the bioweapons program.

Evidence of the involvement of scientists working for the UK's NIBSC, and the CDC in engineering the "swine flu".

Evidence vaccinations caused the Spanish killer flu of 1918 including belief of Dr. Jerry Tennant that the widespread use of aspirin during the winter that followed the end of World War I could have been a key factor contributing to the earlier pandemic by suppressing the immune system and lowering body temperatures, allowing the flu virus to multiply. Tamiflu and Relenza also lower body temperatures, and therefore can also be expected to contribute to the spread of a pandemic.

Evidence as to manipulation of the legal framework to allow mass murder with impunity.

Constitutional issues: the legality vs. illegality of jeopardizing the life, health and public good by mass vaccinations.

The issue of immunity and compensation as evidence of intent to commit a crime.

Evidence as to the existence of an international corporate crime syndicate.

Evidence of the existence of the "Illuminati".

Evidence as to the depopulation agenda of the Illuminati/Bilderbergs and their involvement in the engineering and release of the artificial "swine flu" virus.

Evidence that weaponized flu was discussed at the annual Bilderberg meeting in Athens from May 14-17, 2009, as part of their agenda of genocide, including a list of attendees who, according to a statement once made by Pierre Trudeau, view themselves as genetically superior to the rest of humanity.

Media is keeping Americans clueless about the threat they are under

Jane Burgermeister is a dual Irish/Austrian who has written for Nature, the British Medical Journal, and American Prospect. She is the European Correspondent of the Renewable Energy World website. She has written extensively about climate change, biotechnology, and the ecology.

In addition to the charges currently under investigation that she filed against Baxter AG and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology in April, she has filed charges against WHO and Baxter among others concerning a case of exploding "swine flu" vials meant for a research lab on a busy IC train in Switzerland.

In her view, control of the media by the ruling elite has allowed the world crime syndicate to further its agenda unabated while the rest of the people remain in the dark about what is really going on. Her charges are an attempt to get around this media control and bring the truth to light.

Her greatest concern is that "in spite of the fact Baxter has been caught red handed nearly triggering pandemic, they are also moving ahead, together with allied pharma companies, with supplying the vaccine for pandemics." Baxter is hurrying to get this vaccine to market some time in July.

For more information:

29th Jan 2009

Dr. Joseph Mercola
January 29, 2009

The short, eye-opening eBook linked below is titled Aluminum in Vaccines -- a Neurological Gamble, by Neil Miller, director of the Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute. It documents the hazards associated with aluminum-laden vaccines. Children are receiving high concentrations of aluminum in their shots. This well-documented neurotoxin may be more dangerous than mercury.

Vaccines containing high concentrations of neurotoxic aluminum were added to the child immunization schedule when several vaccines containing mercury were removed. Two-month old babies now receive 1,225 mcg of aluminum from their vaccines -- 50 times higher than safety levels! Although the FDA, CDC and World Health Organization are aware of the dangers, they expect parents to play Russian roulette with their children. read full article

Court Rules In Favour of Family in MMR Vaccine Case

25th Oct 2008

Prominent Scientist Warns of HPV Vaccine Dangers

21st Oct 2008

Avoid Flu Shots with the One Vitamin that Will Stop Flu in Its Tracks


Are Secret Vaccinations Killing Soldiers?

Military personnel are being given shots that are not identified or recorded. Are these injections leaving some soldiers deathly ill?


20th Aug 2008

SECTION The Claimed Vaccinations/Autism Link

Consider each vaccination as artificial stimulation of the body’s immune system.  In fact, because the immune system and the nervous system maintain extremely close communication with each other, experts sometimes call the science “neuroimmunology”.  You can’t affect the nervous system without affecting the immune system, and vice versa. 

As such, we can expect vaccinations to affect the complex, delicately balanced and natural function of both the nervous system and immune system.

The most controversial aspect of this is the claim that vaccinations and autism are linked.

Meanwhile, the authorities continue to say that there is no evidence and no plausible link between vaccinations and sky rocketing rates of autism.

The real question is how much the experts really know about how vaccinations impact the complex, delicately balanced neuroimmune mechanisms of the body.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution: Ga. girl helps link autism to childhood vaccines

“While government officials continue to maintain that vaccines don't cause autism, advocates say the recent settlement of the girl's injury case in a secretive federal vaccine court shows otherwise.
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has concluded the family of Hannah Poling of Athens is entitled to compensation from a federal vaccine injury fund, according to the text of a court document in the case.”
Read more:

From the New York Times: “Deal in an Autism Case Fuels Debate on Vaccine”

“Hannah, of Athens, Ga., was 19 months old and developing normally in 2000 when she received five shots against nine infectious diseases. Two days later, she developed a fever, cried inconsolably and refused to walk. Over the next seven months she spiraled downward, and in 2001 she was given a diagnosis of autism.”

The US Federal Government deemed it plausible that vaccinations exacerbated an underlying disorder in Hannah’s case, leading to autism, and is compensating the parents.  Authorities are calling the Poling case an extremely rare situation.

Read more:

From “Infant Primates Given Vaccines On U.S. Children's Immunization Schedule Develop Behavioral Symptoms Of Autism”

University of Pittsburgh's Dr. Laura Hewitson, Ph.D., described at the IMFAR meeting how vaccinated animals, when compared to unvaccinated animals, showed significant neurodevelopmental deficits and "significant associations between specific aberrant social and non-social behaviors, isotope binding, and vaccine exposure."

In other words, in animals, vaccinations can cause a lot of more complex side effects than simply irritability, soreness and fever.  Vaccinations impact the whole neuroimmune system.

Read more:


From Autism-link writer in talk to UK MP

“The authorities are really scared that by opening this up they will put people off having the vaccinations.
“They just don’t seem to get it that if you are honest with parents and tell them the truth there is a small risk they will make informed choices.
“I’m not anti-vaccine, I’m just pro-safe vaccines.”
Read more:


Developmental Regression and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in a Child With Autism

Note that Hannah Poling’s father Jon Poling is a medical specialist (a neurologist).  Without his specialist background, Hannah’s case may never have come to light.  He has authored a detailed scientific journal paper based on his daughter’s case.  Click on the link below to read the abstract.


From the Huffington Post: The Next Vaccine-Autism Newsmaker: Not Isolated, Not Unusual
“In February, I leaked news of the Federal government's admission that vaccines had triggered autism in a little girl named Hannah Poling. The stunning revelation, though still reverberating around the world, was roundly downplayed by US officials, who insisted that Hannah had an extremely rare, genetic case of "aggravated" mitochondrial disorder, with zero bearing on other autism cases.”
This piece is by the writer featured in the Sunday Sun link above.

Read more:


SECTION Main Merck Vaccine Plant Warned for Violating FDA Standards

Merck has been cited for a long list of serious violations at its main vaccine manufacturing plant, some of which have been ongoing for years.  It is disappointing to see that a big pharma corporation can keep selling product made at a problem plant whereas I suspect that a smaller supplier of natural therapy products would be hit with the proverbial sledge hammer.

Also note that the issues with this plant have only come to public light due to use of official information legislation in the US.

The Wall Street Journal: FDA Warns Merck on Vaccine Plant Problems

“the agency said Merck’s laboratory procedures weren’t “scientifically sound” when it came to assessing the “strength, quality and purity” of products manufactured at the West Point, Pa. facility. For example, the FDA said the company failed to evaluate the stability of measles, mumps and rubella vaccine ingredients over multiple years.”

Measles, mumps and rubella vaccine: that’s the same MMR vaccine by the same manufacturer that New Zealand injects into it’s boys and girls.


The Tyee: Maker of HPV Vaccine Under Fire

“Regulators found problems at US plant where Gardasil is made for BC... "The FDA investigators documented significant deviations from current good manufacturing practice . . . in the manufacture of licensed biological vaccine products, bulk drug substances, and drug components," the letter said.”

“There have been other concerns raised about Merck vaccines in recent months. In December, the FDA recalled 13 lots of vaccines for hepatitis B, pneumonia and meningitis.”

Note that the NZ Government has approved a $177M campaign to use Merck’s Gardasil vaccination, made at this same problem plant.

Read more:


FDA Report Cites 49 Safety Issues At Merck Vaccine Plant

“Several experts said no single finding was horrendous but that the overall pattern was troubling. "It's the sum of many small things that puts the whole operation in question," said consultant Wheelwright.”

Read more:


Newsinferno: Merck Gardasil Vaccine Plant Cited In FDA Warning Letter

“In December, Merck recalled over 1.2 million doses of defective vaccines—11 lots of PedvaxHIB vaccine and two lots of Comvax vaccine—when quality control checks revealed production equipment might not have been properly sterilized.  Merck also quarantined a nearly one-year supply of other potentially suspect doses.” 

Although the vaccines were recalled some doses will already have been administered to children.

8th Mar 2008

Cause Of Autism Discovered And It's Not The Mercury!

click here to read article
25th Nov 2007

Gunpoint Medicine Becomes The Law Of The Land.

Children herded like cattle into Maryland courthouse for forced vaccinations as armed police and attack dogs stand guard
by Mike Adams

(NewsTarget) Following the State of Maryland's threats against parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated, children were herded into a Price George County courthouse being guarded by armed personnel with attack dogs. Inside, the children were forcibly vaccinated, many against their will, under orders from the State Attorney General, various State Judges and the local School Board Director, all of whom illegally conspired to threaten parents with imprisonment if they did not submit their children to vaccinations. read full article
Fox News video click here
Watch video footage taken on the day on the two youtube's below

20th Oct 2007

MenZB Vaccine Lies Continue

Saturday, 20 October 2007, 12:52 pm
Press Release: Ron Law

"Sadly, the article is littered with inaccurate data, continued lies, and very sloppy reporting," says Risk & Policy Analyst, Ron Law. read full article

26th Sept 2007
For Immediate Release: Vaccinated Children Two and a Half Times More Likely to Have Neurological Disorders Like ADHD and Autism, New Survey in California and Oregon Finds.
PORTLAND, OR, Sep 25 -- A new survey indicates a strong correlation between rates of neurological disorders, such as ADHD and autism, and childhood vaccinations.
The survey, commissioned by Generation Rescue, compared vaccinated and unvaccinated children in nine counties in Oregon and California. Among more than 9,000 boys age 4-17, the survey found vaccinated boys were two and a half times (155%) more likely to have neurological disorders compared to their unvaccinated peers. Vaccinated boys were 224% more likely to have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and 61% more likely to have autism.
For older vaccinated boys in the 11-17 age bracket, the results were even more pronounced. Vaccinated boys were 158% more likely to have a neurological disorder, 317% more likely to have ADHD, and 112% more likely to have autism. Complete survey results are available at read complete article click here
Sept 2007

Gardasil -- New Video Reveals Hidden Dangers

The dangers surrounding Merck’s cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil continue to be revealed. In this video, hear one parent’s heartbreaking story of her 14-year-old daughter’s serious side effects to Gardasil, which are now threatening her physical and mental health.

(Watch this video -- 9 minutes 56 seconds)

This video provides an excellent, though tragic, example of why it’s essential to do your homework before submitting yourself or your child to a vaccination.

In the case of Gardasil, which is, according to this video, the world’s first genetically altered vaccine, the evidence stacking up against this vaccine is striking.

As of August 2007, a review of the National Vaccine Information Center revealed the following, quite alarming, statistic about this unnecessary vaccine: 2,207 adverse reactions to Gardasil have been reported. Among them:

  • 5 girls died
  • 31 were considered life-threatening
  • 1,385 required a visit to the emergency room
  • 451 of the girls have not recovered as of July 2007
  • 51 of the girls were disabled
This vaccine is also the most expensive vaccine on the market, so you can follow the money trail to find out why Merck is now trying to push this cervical cancer vaccine on boys!
30th July 2007

Open Questions for the Minister of Health

Press Release
Open Questions for the Media to ask the Minister of Health
Ron Law,
Risk & Policy Analyst

read full article


30th July 2007

MeNZB Approaches Another Milestone


MeNZB Approaches Another Milestone
Press release
Ron Law
Risk & policy Analyst

The current cluster of meningococcal disease cases in the Wellington region has resulted in the MeNZB vaccine reaching a sad milestone. One hundred New Zealand children who were promised 'protection' by being fully vaccinated with the MeNZB vaccine have now contracted meningococcal disease. read full story

20th July 2007

Bush Set To Veto To Remove Mercury From Infant Vaccines

13th June 2007

Children With Autism Get Their Day in Court - Dr Mercola

In Yuma, Arizona, the first court case alleging a link between childhood vaccines and autism is being heard in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. read full article

27th March 2007

by Dr Ayoub called Mercury, Autism and the Global Vaccine Agenda, followed by a talk on the mercury-autism connection by Dr Boyd Haley, as well as other talks about vaccination and related topics


The e-book 'The Terror of Pediatrics' is downloadable for free from

THE VACCINE EXPERIMENT - In The Service of Good, Pt 1

THE VACCINE EXPERIMENT - In The Service of Good, Pt 2

THE VACCINE EXPERIMENT - In The Service of Good, Pt 3




Norway MENZB Doco: Exported Controversial Vaccine

Tuesday, 17 October 2006, 2:05 pm

By Connie Barr, Karen Aarre and Kjell Persen Reporters
Translation of article from:

At the same time while Norwegian authorities were paying compensation to vaccine victims, the same vaccine was exported to New Zealand and used on small kids. To say it nice, they enlisted hundreds of thousands of small kids into a gigantic experiment, says Jan Helge Solbakk, professor in medical ethics.

1988 started the largest experiment ever conducted on Norwegian population. 180,000 school teenagers were used as test subjects in the largest Norwegian vaccine trial ever. It lasted from 1988 to 1991.

Norwegian Institute for Public Health was testing it's new vaccine against meningococcus b, dangerous bacteria that kills 30 people every year in Norway.

The information brochure given to teenagers states: " it is unlikely to expect serious complications ", while the information submitted to the Norwegian Parliament states: " serious side effects can not be excluded " during the experiment.

Jan Helge Solbakk, professor of medical ethics - Foto: TV 2

Jan Helge Solbakk, professor of medical ethics, was working on the ethical sides of the trial. He claims: "project leaders knew that trial subjects may suffer serious complications during the trial, statistically speaking."

"Trial subjects were not properly informed about the possibility of serious side effects during the trial. We encouraged the project leaders, during an open meeting, to do it in a better way, informative way" says Solbakk to Dokument 2.


- 512 side effects were reported during the vaccine trial.
- 14 were considered serious.
- 5 school kids developed serious neurological diseases.

During the second trial, involving 53,000 kids, 10 serious side effects were reported, while 1 child developed serious neurological disease.

Worried about the side effects

Hans Cato Guldberg, professor of medicine, was a member of a committee that was to evaluate side effects during the experiment.  He was worried.

"Some time after the experiment was over, I came to a conclusion that there were serious side effects to this vaccine.  And, the number was relatively high.  I was worried.  At the same time, I felt that project leaders were trying to tone down the danger of vaccine, said Guldberg.

Results of the vaccine trial were compiled 1991.  Vaccine was providing protection in 57% of cases.  That was not enough to add it to the Norwegian vaccination program.  As meningococcus b epidemic was dying out, vaccine was never used in Norway the way it was meant.

Foto: TV 2

After the request from the World Health Organization (WHO), vaccine was exported to New Zealand, during 2001.  Using the same technology and the same methodology from 1980s, researchers from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health tailored a new vaccine for New Zealand.  The multi-national pharmaceutical company Chiron was awarded rights to mass produce the vaccine.

Usually, vaccine is supposed to pass different tests before it is approved for mass use on population.  But this vaccine was tested in a record short time.  Phase III trials were totally dropped.  Rare side effects are often not discovered before the phase III trials.  Phase III trials are randomized, placebo controlled trials. Instead of testing this new vaccine through a new phase III trial, safety data and affectivity data were just taken from the Norwegian vaccine and assumed valid for the New Zealand vaccine.  Because safety data of this vaccine was incomplete, the vaccine was not officially approved on New Zealand.  Instead, mass vaccination of 1.1 million New Zealand kids started with a temporary approval.

Breach of the international research ethics

In New Zealand, the Norwegian vaccine was used as guarantee that the New Zealand vaccine is safe and effective. It was the Norwegian Institute of Public Health that was the guarantor.

"First: Norwegian vaccine was not safe! Second, it is a serious overstatement to say that vaccine is effective. Third: it is against international regulations and against research ethics to start to vaccinate small children on New Zealand with a vaccine that was tested on a different group of people, Norwegian school kids. To say it nice, they enlisted hundreds of thousands of small kids into a gigantic experiment," says Jan Helge Solbakk, professor in medical ethics."

Quote: "Some time after the experiment was over, I came to a conclusion that there were serious side effects to this vaccine. And, the number was relatively high. I was worried. At the same time, I felt that project leaders were trying to tone down the danger of vaccine."

Hans Cato Guldberg, professor of medicine, was a member of a committee that was to evaluate side effects during the experiment.

Vaccine linked to fatigue


Mercury in Vaccines: The Appalling Truth Revealed

Nothing could expose the truth about the drug industry's greed and selfishness more than this must-read Rolling Stone piece by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. He begins with a summary of a secret meeting held in the isolated Simpsonwood conference center in Norcross, Georgia ...

A Secluded Gathering

It was June 2000. A group of top government scientists and health officials -- including high-level officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the top vaccine specialists from the World Health Organization and representatives from every major vaccine manufacturer -- secretly gathered to discuss the use of a mercury-based preservative in vaccines, known as thimerosal. read full article here


CH. NFurno: How the Drug Companies Make Vaccines

Channel NFurno: How The Drug Companies Make Vaccines? Why is it that junk food must list the ingredients, but vaccines do not? What do theyhave to hide? Lets Find Out!


shoot em up - the truth about vaccines - 6mins


FACT: Autism began by affecting 1 in 10,000 it now affects 1 in 166 - a direct correlation to the rise in vaccines added to the schedule. (most of which contained mercury)

FACT: The only cases of Polio in this country today are caused by the vaccine itself

FACT: Vaccines contain mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, fetal rhesus monkey lung and kidney cells, chick embryo, and antifreeze.

FACT: The rise in autism, ADD, ADHD, diabetes, cancer and a whole spectrum of disorders rose dramatically in at the same rate and time as did multiple vaccines added to the schedule

FACT: In the 90’s the vaccine market had 14% annual growth while drug sales had 8%. The global vaccine market reached 6.5 billion and was expected to top 10 bil by 2010

Eli Lilly produces stattera- a treatment for ADHD, disorder said to be caused by vaccines

FACT: Congressman Dan Burton discovered that some members of the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices that approve vaccines
    • owned stock in the vaccine manufacturing firms
    • owned patents for vaccines affected by their decisions
    • sat on the Board of Drug companies

FACT: In the years 2000-2002 Eli Lilly gave $1.6 mil in political contributions (80% to republicans, $226,000 went to the National Republic Senatorial Campaign run by Bill Frist)

The major drug co’s contributed more than $30 mil to help elect allies to Congress



This is the shocking but extremely informative video documentary Vaccination - The Hidden Truth - 1 hr 31 min - Apr 10, 2006

(1998) where fifteen people, including Dr. ... all » Viera Scheibner (a PhD researcher), five medical doctors, other researchers, reveal what is really going on in relation to illness and vaccines. Ironically, the important facts come from the orthodox medicine?s own peer-reviewed research. With so much government and medical promotion of vaccination for prevention of disease, the video is clearly devoted to presenting the other side of the issue that parents and others are not being told. The result is a damning account of the ineffectiveness of vaccines and their often harmful effects. It declares that parents are not being told the truth by the media, the Health Department and the medical establishment, with a medical doctor, Dr. Mark Donohoe, confessing that "It is a problem for me that I am part of a profession that is systematically lying to people?". Find out how vaccines are proven to have harmful effects to your health and why do we still have to be vaccinated although there is no real need for it. Although many people simply refuse to believe this, the impeccable documentation presented in this amazing video has changed the minds of many who saw it. 90 min.



Bayer Exposed ( HIV contaminated vaccine )


Alex Jones - Warning of the dangers of vaccines - 8 min - Jan 1, 2004


Investigation: The Meningococcal Gold Rush Monday,
7 February 2005, 10:01 am Article: Barbara Sumner Burstyn

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: New Zealand's meningococcal disease story, as unravelled through analysis of previously secret documents obtained under the Official Information Act, reveals that the New Zealand government, media and public have been misled and manipulated by officials, advisors and scientists alike. Search Businesses - FindA MORTGAGE Calculators NZ REAL ESTATE Online Used CARS For Sale - FindA AirNZ SPECIAL OFFERS! Looking at EXPORTING? As a result of this manipulation, the government has committed an unprecedented 200 million taxpayer dollars to a mass vaccination experiment of 1.15 million New Zealand children with an untested and experimental vaccine. Despite being reassured by a bevy of pro-vaccine and vaccine manufacturer sponsored experts and none-less than the Minister of Health herself that the MeNZB(tm) vaccine is thoroughly tested and proven to be safe and effective, we reveal that Chiron's MeNZB(tm) vaccine was never used in the trials used to approve its license. We reveal that despite assurances, there is no evidence that the MeNZB(tm) vaccine will actually work as promised. read article here


How America Was Blinded by Merck's Vaccine Lies

As if Merck hasn't caused enough damage to the public's health with its painkiller drug Vioxx, found to increase cardiovascular risks, more evidence questioning the company's credibility has surfaced. It turns out Merck continued to supply the infant hepatitis B vaccine, which was contaminated with thimerosal, a mercury preservative, for two years after announcing that it had eliminated the toxin from the vaccine. read article


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