Newsletter No. 46

Hello to all our supporters, sorry the previous newsletter had corrupted hyperlinks, but are now working we hope.

Sorry that we have not kept you up to date with all the progress for quite some months now, however there has been a great deal of important work being done.

In this newsletter

* Amy Adams now National candidate for Selwyn
* Pan Pharmaceuticals and Jim Selim update
* NZFSA submission due
* Natural and Traditional Health Products Bill (N&THPs)

Industry Notice Board
* Health Industry Awards
* Great Health Debate

Amy Adams now National candidate for Selwyn
Most of you may have heard the good news that Amy Adams has become the candidate for the National Party in the Selwyn electorate. I am sure that you will all agree that Amy did an excellent job working for the Trust and substantially stopping the ANZTPA proposal at the same time establishing the platform for a very sensible way forward for future regulations of the natural and traditional health products industry. I am sure that Amy will bring a wealth of practical knowledge and experience to her planned new role as a Government MP. However, there is a downside, unfortunately Amy will no longer be in a position to continue working for the Trust. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Amy for all her work and enthusiasm over the last 5 years.
If you would like to support Amy you could go to the flowering link to her Facebook page and register it there , I am sure she would appreciate it.

Pan Pharmaceuticals and Jim Selim update
You will all remember the Pan Pharmaceutical debacle in 2003, resulting in the reported biggest product recall in history, which had a negative impact on our industry. Following the media frenzy surrounding this case, the Australian and NZ authorities used this situation in an attempt to justify inappropriate over-regulation of the industry.

It came as no surprise to us and, I am sure, all informed New Zealanders that, on 14 August 2008, Jim Selim was awarded $50m (plus $5m costs) from the Federal Government after a shocking judgment found the Australian regulatory agency illegally persecuted Pan Pharmaceuticals and after revoking its licence and therefore putting it out of business. Officials shredded important documents which showed there was not enough evidence to revoke the licence. This proves that our concerns were justified and, on behalf of all informed New Zealanders, Annette King we told you so!

Following is a selection from the 60+ news reports available on the NZHT News page :

IMF leads class action against government over Pan (Anthony Klan | September 06, 2008),25197,24301293-20142,00.html

Pan class action to follow payout (Susannah Moran | August 16, 2008),25197,24188474-23289,00.html

Selim wins $50m payout (Geesche Jacobsen | August 14, 2008)

Despite the enormity of the case and the previous enthusiasm for reporting on the massive recall, we have to date been unable to spark any NZ media interest in this matter.

We only narrowly escaped being subjected to the same sort of regime in NZ. Businesses had known for years how bad the system was in Australia and the judgement shows the industry’s fears were completely justified. The transcripts paint a picture of an organisation which is totally out of control and we want no part of it. Thank goodness for the Health Select Committee and the support the industry has had from National, The Green Party, The Maori Party, United Future and New Zealand First.

The industry has been forced to fight for more than six years to stop the Government feeding us to the lions of the TGA at a cost of millions of dollars. Surely now it is time for the Government to put the ill-conceived joint-agency plan to rest once and for all.

There is a class action of well over 100 enterprises poised to launch their claims for damages, it will be interesting how many will stand up to for their rights against the TGA and make them accountable because not everyone has the courage and perseverance that Jim Selim has to stand up to them and insist on justice.

NZFSA submission due
New Zealand Food Safety Authority is seeking submissions on the proposed changes to the regulation of Food-Type Dietary Supplements. For those of you interested in reading the proposal or making a submission, please go to the Documents page of NZHT website , date 1 August 2008.

We are currently preparing a submission, which I had hoped to make available to you some time ago, but the document has not been finished yet. It will be posted on the Document page (see link above) soon. Closing date for submissions is 25 September 2008.

Natural and Traditional Health Products Bill (N&THPs)
As the ANZTPA proposal is now shelved, the focus has been on developing a proposed Natural & Traditional Health Products Bill. It has been in development for over 1 year, with input from as many stakeholders and interested people as possible. To date, we have extremely broad support from businesses / groups / individuals. If you are interested in reading the proposal, it is available on the links below. We welcome any constructive feedback.

Executive Summary (6 page PDF)

N&THPs Proposed Bill (43 page PDF)

Note: This draft was prepared in May 2008 and there have been changes made to the proposal since then, but the structure is same. The final version with all changes included, will be posted on the website in the coming weeks.

Industry Notice Board

Health Industry Awards
Please see invitation to Health Awards from Synergy Events below:

Your Personal Invitation,

You have been invited, to the ‘New Zealand Health Industry Awards & Benefit Gala’ on Saturday 11th October 6pm at the Bruce Mason Centre

The awards are to celebrate and honour the outstanding New Zealanders for their many years of dedication in the field of Natural Healthcare.

This amazing evening consists of a dinner, awards ceremony, UNICEF Charity Auction and spectacular International Entertainers that has come to New Zealand to perform for you.

Would you like to Celebrate this evening with us?

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PS: If you would like to Nominate an outstanding New Zealander that you think deserves to be acknowledged at the prestigious Awards evening. Please visit to access the online nomination form (Nominations close Thursday 25th September 2008).

Please see PDF advertising handout… click link for PDF

Great Health Debate
Please see invitation to debate from Health Freedom:

Auckland Friday 3rd October 7:30-9:30pm
Fisher & Paykel Appliances Auditorium
Auckland University Business School
Cnr Grafton Rd & Symonds Street

Admission Koha
MC for the debate - Mike Roberson from Pacific Radio.
The questions will focus on "health" policy not sickness policy.
The MP's that have confirmed are on the website

Limited Seats: RSVP Essential
Or Text your name to: 021 258 7654

Register online at:

Kind Regards
Dave Sloan