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Why Join New Health New Zealand?

New Health NZ Incorporated has been formed by the NZ Health Trust because our supporters can’t become members of a Trust.  New Health allows you to join up and show your support for the work of the NZ Health Trust in a way that costs you nothing, and imposes no obligation on you.

New Health acts alongside the NZ Health Trust as the voice for all NZ Consumers and the more members it has the more influence it will have.

How to Join New Health NZ

Please select your membership type below:

NZ Consumer
NZ Sole Trader
NZ Company
NZ Group
Outside NZ

Please note: You can only use one email address per membership, so if you are a member already and want to change your NZ membership type, i.e. from say individual to group, use another email address, or if you dont have another email you need to un-join first, login to the membership area and use the update your membership records link and then click on the unsubscribe link. Once you have completed the un-join process you can re-join using one of the four NZ options at left.