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Date Fluoride Debate News File
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21st Apr 2015

Amendment of submission to Greater Wellington Regional Council on the 10 Year Plan 2015-2025

I refer to the submission below and wish to correct an error.

The calculation of 39 tonnes of SSF powder should read 64 tonnes. 

The reference to 39 tonnes related to elemental fluorine.


20th April 2015

Submission to Greater Wellington Regional Council on the 10 Year Plan 2015-2025


While the Council was not expressly addressing the issue of fluoridation, New Health has made a submission asking for it to revisit its policy.

A link to the consultation document is attached.  Consultation closed at 4 pm on 20 April 2015

attached PDF with submission
Open letter from New Health NZ Inc to Sir Peter Gluckman and Sir David Skegg.pdf


This submission is made on behalf of New Health New Zealand Inc. 

New Health requests the Council to revisit its fluoridation policy and practice.

It is New Health’s submission that fluoridation:

  1. Is unnecessary and anachronistic;
  2. Constitutes mass medication without consent;
  3. Provides little or any benefit – at best half a filling saved by age 12 or 13;
  4. Poses real risks of harm to health;
  5. Uses the water supply to dispose of a highly toxic industrial waste product where the relative environmental impacts of disposing of such a substance are unknown.

One of the key issues identified in the consultation document “Shape Your Region”, is a “Healthy Environment”.  There is a reference to “proactive steps to reduce long-term risks”, and “best practice science information to assist decision-making”.

Applying these tenets to fluoridation, New Health makes two points.

First, for the reasons set out in the attached letter to Sir Peter Gluckman and Sir David Skegg, applying the precautionary principle to fluoridation would justify its immediate cessation.

Secondly, the environmental impacts of disposing of HFA and SSF through the water supply is unknown. Again a precautionary approach would require this unnecessary practice to stop.

The volume of fluoride disposed of through the water supply each year is enormous. 

According to the WRC’s Water Supply Annual Report for the year ended 20 June 2014, there is approximately 140 million litres of water supplied per day and 51.1 billion litres per year.  On the basis of fluoridation at 0.75 mg/l this amounts to 38.325 billion mg of fluoride per year.  On New Health’s calculations that would amount to approximately 39 tonnes of SSF powder.

As the WRC is aware most fluoridated water is not drunk but is used for other domestic purposes in kitchens and bathrooms, and for watering gardens, washing cars etc.  Most will end up in the environment on the land or in the water.

It is telling that the relative environmental impacts of the discharge of this amount of fluoride into the environment is unknown: refer p 17 of the Water Supply Annual Report.

If an SSF producer wanted to discharge 39 tonnes of SSF into the environment, it would need a number of different consents.  Why is this substance able to be disposed of through the water supply with no consideration given to the adverse environmental effects of such disposal and with no resource management oversight?

New Health wishes to be heard in support of its submission.

26th Feb 2015

New Health is concerned that the recent Gluckman/Skegg report has attempted to dismiss and even trivialise a potential 7 point shift in IQ as a result of increased fluoride ingestion. It has written to Sir Peter Gluckman asking for an explanation. It has also sent the letter to all Councils and DHBs. New Health has asked health officials to start ask themselves the following question: Can the purported benefits of fluoridation – a possible saving of half a filling by age 12 to 13 – outweigh the possible risks of a reduction in IQ.

Gluckman Review downplays risk to IQ from fluoridation.pdf

Open letter from New Health NZ Inc to Sir Peter Gluckman and Sir David Skegg.pdf

7th Oct 2014

Some more coverage in the Dom Post , click here for pdf paper clipping

9th Oct 2014

Anti-fluoride bid fails
A High Court Judge has thrown out an application by opponents of fluoride trying to force the Ministry of Health to treat it as a medicine and regulate the amount added to tap water.
Anti-fluoride group New Health New Zealand had claimed it was absurd that fluoride tablets were deemed a medicine under the act but fluoride added to tap water was not.
However, Justice David Collins ruled when Hydrofluorosilicic Acid (HFA) and Sodium Silico Fluoride (SSF) were added to domestic water supplies in New Zealand to produce fluoride concentrations within the current allowable level of 1.5 milligrams per litre they were not medicines within the meaning of the Act.
read full article

3rd Oct 2014

Fluoride opponents continue the fight

Dominion Post

Opponents of fluoride are trying to force the Ministry of Health to treat it as a medicine and regulate the amount added to tap water, the High Court at Wellington has been told.

But even should they succeed, the ministry plans to exempt immediately fluoride added to public water supplies from the Medicines Act.

Lisa Hansen, for anti-fluoride group New Health New Zealand, told the court yesterday it was absurd that fluoride tablets were deemed a medicine under the act but fluoride added to tap water was not.

read full article or download PDF paper clipping from Dominion Post here


29th Jul 2014

Natural News exclusive: Fluoride used in U.S. water supplies found contaminated with lead, tungsten, strontium, aluminum and uranium

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) The sodium fluoride added to U.S. water supplies is contaminated with the toxic elements lead, tungsten and aluminum, a Natural News Forensic Food Labs investigation has revealed. Strontium and uranium were also found in substantial quantities in some samples, raising additional questions about the purity of industrial fluoride used for water fluoridation.

These ICP-MS results, shown below, were determined with the very same ICP-MS laboratory instrumentation used by the FDA and various universities. Mike Adams, director of the lab and one of the world's leading researchers into heavy metals contamination of foods, conducted the research.

read full article

8th Apr 2014

Fluoride Litigation – New Health NZ Inc v South Taranaki District Council (High Court) , click the link below for the Court documents in PDF's

26th Mar 2014

download New Health NZ Media Statement 26th March 2014 PDF

Fight to remove fluoride taken to Court of Appeal

-NZ Herald

A group fighting the fluoridation of New Zealand water supplies is taking its battle to the Court of Appeal.
New Health NZ Inc today filed a notice of appeal against a recent High Court decision upholding the lawfulness of water fluoridation by councils.
read article here

19th Mar 2014

Fluoride combined with even trace amounts of aluminum in water can cause major brain damage

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Renowned medical doctor and neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock holds nothing back when it comes to telling it like it is, even when "it" goes against the prevailing schools of thought within his profession. And one of his latest Blaylock Wellness Reports is no exception, shining light on the very real dangers associated with fluoride exposure, especially when that fluoride interacts with other toxic chemicals commonly found in municipal water supplies. read full article
7th March 2014

Media statement on behalf of David Sloan,
Chairman of New Health New Zealand Inc. 

New Health has read the decision and respectfully disagrees with the judge’s interpretation of the Local Government Act, Health Act and NZ Bill of Rights Act.  In particular it disagrees with the judge’s view that fluoridation is not medical treatment for the purposes of s 11 of the Bill of Rights.

It will appeal the decision.

There is a persuasive and respectable body of scientific and medical evidence that water fluoridation is of doubtful benefit and there are risks of harm.

In today’s consumer-enlightened era, people should have the choice whether or not to ingest something that has a claimed therapeutic purpose.

No other public health measure removes a person’s choice in the same way as fluoridation. 

Comparing water fluoridation with water chlorination and iodised salt is simply wrong.  Iodine is an essential nutrient but fluoride is not.  Further people have a choice whether to buy iodised or non-iodised salt.

Water chlorination treats the water by eliminating bacteria, whereas fluoride claims to treat dental decay.  These purposes are quite different.

New Health is concerned at some of the implications of the decision.  For example on its face it permits councils to put medicines such as the claimed mood-enhancer lithium in the water supply.  Additionally the water supply potentially could be a delivery system for vaccines. 

Delivering medication this way is contrary to medical ethics as its fails to control for dose, individual need and sensitivities, and overrides individual consent. 

Kind regards

Dave Sloan

New health NZ Inc

7th Mar 2014 Court Judgement New Health v Taranaki Hansen Jugement 7th march 2014.pdf  

5 Reasons Water Fluoridation Is Unethical And Unhealthy

Artificial fluoridation of water supply started in 1945. The distinction of being the first city in the world to spearhead this revolutionary measure to fight dental decay belongs to Grand Rapids, Michigan.
click here to read the article

17th Dec 2013

New Plymouth High Court challenge to the South Taranaki District Council

Earlier this year New Health New Zealand Inc filed a judicial review proceeding in the New Plymouth High Court challenging a decision of the South Taranaki District Council to add fluoride to its Patea and Waverley water supplies. 

It is only the second time in New Zealand’s history that the lawfulness of fluoridation has been raised in the courts.  The first time was in 1963 when some Lower Hutt ratepayers sought an injunction to prevent fluoridation.  That case went all the way to the Privy Council.  The outcome was that the Privy Council held that s 240 of the Municipal Corporations Act 1954 implicitly authorised fluoridation. 

Section 240 has long been repealed and New Health considered that it was important to test the issue of the lawfulness of fluoridation again.  This is effectively a test case.

The case was heard on 25 and 26 November 2013. 

Key arguments advanced by New Health included: that fluoridation is a breach of s 11 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 (NZBORA), that such a breach has firstly, not been prescribed by law, and secondly, is an unjustified and disproportionate limitation on the right contained in s 11. 

Under s 11 a person has a right to refuse to undergo medical treatment.  New Health argued that fluoridation constitutes “medical treatment” in that it is the administration of a pharmacologically active substance for a therapeutic purpose, ie to prevent dental caries.  New Health said that realistically most people have no ability to opt out of fluoridation.  New Health also argued that there is nothing in the Local Government Act 2002 or the Health Act 1956 or any other Act that specifically authorises fluoridation, and moreover that fluoridation is a disproportionate limit on the right to refuse to undergo medical treatment.  In respect of proportionality New Health argued that the benefits did not outweigh the detriments.  In particular New Health pointed to the uncertainty around the scientific evidence of efficacy and adverse effects.  Additionally, it emphasised that as the mechanism of action of fluoride is topical, there is no need to swallow fluoride and that excessive ingestion of fluoride can (at the very least) cause dental fluorosis.

The Attorney-General intervened in the proceeding and argued that fluoridation was not a medical treatment (in particular because it was not administered by a doctor) and/or that there was a right to refuse to drink fluoridated water.

The South Taranaki District Council defended its decision and said it was lawful.

A decision is expected in the New Year.


Dave Sloan

New Health NZ Inc

26th Nov 2013

Open Admission of Long-Term, Uncontrolled Experimentation in NZ Opens the Floodgates of Litigation

On July 9th, 2013, the Otago Daily Times featured an article, openly admitting that the New Zealand population – despite being exposed for many decades to fluoridation – has not been adequately monitored for potential developmental health effects; and only now is data being collated to look for potential adverse impacts. read more

If we break this situation down, the following points are indisputable: read more

26th Nov 2013

Test case tackles fluoridation issues

Lithium, a powerful mental health treatment, could be added to water supplies by New Zealand's local councils under the same vague rules that allow them to add fluoride. read more

26th Nov 2013

Fluoride in water 'illegal'

Local body councils are breaking the law and breaching human rights by fluoridating water supplies, an anti-fluoride group has told the High Court at New Plymouth.

The group, Health New Zealand, yesterday opened its test case targeting the South Taranaki District Council's decision to fluoridate water supplies in Patea and Waverley. read more

26th Nov 2013

Councils have a 'right' to fluoridate, court told

New Zealand local councils have a clear legal power to fluoridate public water supplies, a right devolved to them by Parliament when it revised local government law in 2002, a court has been told. read more

26th Nov 2013

Fluoride court case continues

In legal terms, there is no practical difference between putting chlorine or fluoride into public water supplies, the High Court in New Plymouth heard today. read more

26 Nov 2013

Fluoride not a human rights issue, hearing told

A lawyer for the Attorney-General has told a court the use of fluoride in water supplies is not a human rights issue.

The South Taranaki District Council is being challenged at a judicial review at the New Plymouth High Court over what it says is its statutory right to fluoridate water supplies in Waverley and Patea.

read more


22nd Sept 2013

Dr Stan Litras Dentists speak out Against Fluoride 22Sep2013

6th June 2013

Dr Paul Connett Slaps down Duncan Garner On Fluoride issue 6June2013


Waikato DHB 'very disappointed' with fluoride decision


Hamilton to end fluoride in water - Hamilton City Council


Hamilton City Council - YouTube channel
view tribunal videos on youtube ...

31st Mar 2013

Court battle for council could reopen nation's vexed fluoride-in-water debate

This month, advocacy group New Health New Zealand lodged an application in the High Court at New Plymouth for a judicial review of the council's decision.

The society says it seeks to protect the "best interests and health freedoms of consumers". Director David Sloan argues everyone has the right to refuse to undergo medical treatment under the NZ Bill of Rights Act. He also argues councils have not had the authority to fluoridate water supplies since the Local Government Act 2002 was enacted.

Herald on Sunday editorial: This health debate has had its day

A mouthful of money

17th Jan 2013

FLUORIDEGATE An American Tragedy

A Film by Dr. David Kennedy


FLUORIDEGATE the movie is a new documentary film that reveals the tragedy of how the United States government, industry, and trade associations protect and promote a policy known to cause harm to our country and especially small children, who suffer more than any other segment of the population. While the basis of their motivation remains uncertain, the outcome is crystal clear: it is destroying our nation.

13th Jan 2013

EPA Reverses Itself on Fluoride

By Published February 22, 2011

In a surprising reversal, last month EPA’s announced that it intends to lower the maximum amount of fluoride in drinking water because of growing evidence supporting the chemical’s possible deleterious effects to children’s health.


10th Jul 2012

Poison in your water supply

More than 70% of U.S. public water supplies are currently fluoridated. The rates are just as high in some countries, such as Australia and Brazil. Other countries have largely rejected fluoridation.

Dr. Bill Osmunson is a general and cosmetic dentist who used to support the fluoridation of water. Then he looked at the science. He now urges patients to become informed and other health practitioners to petition against the fluoridation of the water supply.

23rd Jul 2012

Major Progress at Eliminating Fluoride in Water Supplies by Fluoride Action Network

13th June 2012

Fluoride The Hard to Swallow Truth Documentary

24th Apr 2012

This Daily Habit Can Damage Your Brain, Disrupt Your Bones, and Stain and Pit Your Teeth

5th Feb 2012

This Food Blasts Your Body With Up to 180 Times the Fluoride in Drinking Water

24 Jan 2012

Breaking news-fluoride-linked-to-1-cause-of-death-in-new-research

Fluoride in your drinking water
Breaking:   Fluoride linked to #1 cause of death in new research.  17 Jan. 2012
4th Jan 2012

New Study on Fluoride Shows No Benefits and Major Safety Issues

Story at-a-glance

  • A review of 11 studies involving more than 7,000 children showed that the effect of fluoride supplements on primary teeth could not be determined, with one study showing no cavity-reducing effect
  • 10 out of the 11 trials reviewed were at “unclear risk of bias,” and the 11th was at “high risk of bias” -- leading researchers to conclude “therefore the trials provide weak evidence about the efficacy of fluoride supplements”
  • Ingesting fluoride has been linked to over a dozen serious health problems, including reduced IQ, impaired neurobehavioral development and brain damage
  • The fluoride added to drinking water supplies is a waste product from the phosphate fertilizer industry
  • You can join the fight to end the archaic practice of water fluoridation in the United States and Canada


29th Dec 2012

Fluoride: they've known the dangers all along

More and more people are becoming aware of the dangers of sodium fluoride and demanding that the fluoridation of our drinking water be stopped.

However, doubts about putting a poison in our drinking water are not new.

This antiquated film clip demonstrates that our government has known for a very long time that sodium fluoride, even in weak concentrations, is damaging and destructive to cellular tissue.

Fluoride: they've known the dangers all along...

26th Dec 2011

Fluoride and the pineal gland

4th Dec 2011

25 Studies Prove Fluoride Reduces Your IQ

12th Nov 2011

Lead Poisoning Alert: This Widely Used Drink is Dangerous

2nd Oct 2011

Company Admits Fluoride Harming Children with Dr. Cole, DDS & Dr Pressley, PhD

2nd Oct 2011

Infowars Hidden Camera - Fluoride Treatment Facility:

18th Sep 2011

The Fluoride Deception exposes the truth about water fluoridation and the phosphate mining industry

24th Jul 2011

Dentists have Controlled CDC's Water Fluoridation Stance for over 35 Years.

These Documents Virtually Force You to Destroy Your Health
July 23 2011

Documents released under the Freedom of Information Act show that since the 1970's, the dental health professionals in the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have completely controlled the agency's stance supporting water fluoridation. No CDC toxicologists, minority health professionals, experts in diabetes, or others outside the Oral Health Division had any input into the agency's position.
The documents have drawn attention once again to the CDC's and EPA's fluoride safety statements, which appear at odds with current scientific knowledge.
According to the Fluoride Action Network:
"Law firms are now reviewing old and new documents believed to highlight a pattern of attempts to curtail discussions on fluoride toxicity and downplay the importance of professionals personally reviewing scientific reports about fluorides."
read full story

Fluoride Action Network June 22, 2011

17th Dec 2010

Serum Fluoride Level and Children's Intelligence Quotient in Two Villages in China

A very important study, titled Serum Fluoride Level and Children's Intelligence Quotient in Two Villages in China, was pre-published by Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) on Dec 17, 2010 (EHP is published by the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences).

read full story

21st Sept 2010

The Dangers of Fluoride & Water Fluoridation

Since the 1940's fluoride is used in toothpaste and is added to drinking water in many countries around the world. The dental profession claims that fluoride is safe and necessary for good dental health.

Fluoride is actually toxic waste from the aluminium, phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizer industries. Millions of tons of fluoride are produced each year.

21st July 2009

European Court Ruling Ends 
Water Fluoridation
By Doug Cross

Fluoridated water must be treated as a medicine, and cannot be used to prepare foods! That is the decision of the European Court of Justice, in a landmark case dealing with the classification and regulation of 'functional drinks' in member states of the European Community. (HLH Warenvertriebs and Orthica (Joined Cases C-211/03, C-299/03, C-316/03 and C-318/03) 9 June2005)...

Implications for international trade in food products...

But the ruling also has an equally profound implication for export trade in processed foods and drinks. The Court stated that even if a functional food product (or a food containing it) is legally marketed as a food in one member state, it cannot be exported to any other member state unless it has a medicinal licence. So any company making a consumable product using fluoridated water in its preparation or as an ingredient cannot now export that product to any other state in the EC, even if their product is permitted in their home state.

The economic implications are enormous. Not only does the ruling ban the use of fluoridated water for all retail catering and wholesale food processing in the UK and Ireland, it also prohibits such trade from these states to other member states of the EC.  

But it goes much further than even this, because if British and Irish processed foods from fluoridated areas cannot be exported to the EC, this prohibition must also apply to the importing of such products into EC member states from any other country that practices water fluoridation. The decision effectively bans all processed food products from countries such as the USA, Australia and New Zealand, unless they can be positively proven to have been prepared using only water that was not fluoridated.



ANH Vaccine Choice campaign launches 6th February 2009


EU Food Authority approves Fluoride in Supplements – News Grabs 8 February 2009

read article

5th Feb 2009

After it clears toothpaste toxin for use in food supplements.
read full article

[Download PDF version]

The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) calls today for an urgent independent inquiry into the scientific methods used by Europe’s highest authority on food safety, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). This call comes on the back of the ANH’s highly critical analysis, published on its website today, of EFSA’s decision to approve for food supplement use the chemical sodium monofluorophosphate, the same chemical commonly added to toothpaste and mouth washes to prevent or treat tooth decay

2nd Sept 2008

Dr. A.K. Susheela on August 12, 2008.

An interview with Dr. A.K. Susheela on her work in India diagnosing and treating patients with fluoride poisoning of the soft tissues. With early diagnosis the early symptoms are easy to reverse. Western doctors are totally oblivious of this disease which may be impacting millions of people living in fluoridated countries with a plethora of common complaints

27th Aug 2008

Both Parties Need Planks to Restore Scientific Integrity at the CDC

Last update: 12:33 p.m. EDT Aug. 27, 2008
NEW YORK, Aug 27, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/ -- According to the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), there is a crucial need for both parties to restore scientific integrity to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on several policies. The most egregious is their continued unscientific support for water fluoridation. read full article
21st Aug 2008 click here for Leon Ashby flouride video  
20th Aug 2008

Fluoride Poisoning: East meets West - 59 min - Aug 20, 2008
Grass Roots & Global Video (AEHSP) -

Presentations by Dr. Bruce Spittle (NZ) and Dr. A.K. Susheela (India) on the early - and easily reversible - symptoms of chronic fluoride poisoning of the soft tissues. Both presentations were given at the International Society Conference for Fluoride Research (ISFR) held at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus, August 7-10. 2008

19th Aug 2008

Cromwell Community Board decides against fluoridation of water

The Southland Times

August 19, 2008

Board decides against fluoridation of water


The Cromwell Community Board yesterday decided not to fluoridate the town's water.

Fluoridation was raised at the board meeting yesterday but board members decided against it even though residents had voted in favour of it in a referendum held with the local body elections last year. read article

15th Aug 2008

Fluoride and the Developing Nervous System

Dr. Vyvyan Howard/Toronto - 31 min - Aug 15, 2008

A presentation given in Toronto on August 11, 2008 by Dr. Vyvyan Howard entitled "Fluoride's Impact on the Brain." The meeting was sponsored by Citizens for a Safe Environment (CSE) and the Fluoride Action Network (FAN). Dr. Howard is an infant and fetal pathologist with 30 years experience of investigating the effects of toxic substances on the fetus and infant.

10 Aug 2008

Tang QQ, Du J, Ma HH, Jiang SJ, Zhou XJ. 2008.

Fluoride and children's intelligence: a meta-analysis.
Biological Trace Element Research. August 10. [Epub ahead of print].

  -- Dr. Peter Cooney's presentation
-- Paul Connett's response to Cooney (part 1)
-- Paul Connett's response to Cooney (part 2) "The Arguments Against Fluoridation"
11th July 2008 1) CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). 2008. Enamel fluorosis among persons aged 6-39 years, by selected characteristics - United States, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 1999-2002. Table 23 from MMWR Weekly, Populations Receiving Optimally Fluoridated Public Drinking Water --- United States, 1992--2006, 57(27): 737-741. July 11, 2008.  
Apr/Jun 2008

Fluoride, Quarterly Journal of the International Society for Fluoride Research

April-June 2008.

  #1. Dr. Bill Osmunson:  Fluoride in Water (January 2008).

#2. Dr. Kathleen Thiessen, Dr. Phyllis Mullenix and Dr. Paul Connett: Fluoride Risk to Kidney Patients (May 2008).

#3. Brent Foster, Conservation chair, Oregon Sierra Club:  An Environmental Professional Speaks Out on Fluoridation (June 2008).  

Dr. Hardy Limeback, former President of the Canadian Association for Dental Research and panel member for the National Research Council report of 2006 was interviewed by Paul Connett in a 28 minute videotape. Leading Dental Researcher Speaks Out Against Fluoridation, May 2000 (28 minutes).

Dr. J. William Hirzy, gave testimony before a US Senate committee on June 28, 2000 (10 minutes). 

Dr. Bob Carton, former risk assessment analyst for the US EPA, appeared in an ABC-TV evening news clip from the Washington, DC, area announcing the launch of Professionals' Statement calling for an end to fluoridation worldwide, on August 9, 2007 (4 minutes).

Dr. Andrew Harms, former President of the South Australian Dental Association and Dr. Paul Connett appear on a Channel 7 TV news clip from Australia, March 25, 2008 (7 minutes). 

Dr. Hensley, a doctor and state legislator, is featured in a TV news program from Tennessee. This clip also features Dan Stockin, MPH from the Lillie Center, December 2006, (3 minutes).

Dr. Michael Flemming, a dental consultant for the FDA appears in a TV news clip from North Carolina, November 9, 2007 (4 minutes). 

Philip Robertson, ND, a specialist in super-sensitivity to fluoride and Dr. Mark Diesendorf, author of the groundbreaking 1986 article in Nature, "The Mystery of Declining Tooth Decay" appear in an Australian TV news clip from August 1, 2005 (8 minutes). 

Dr. Mike Olmfield, a dentist from Christchurch, New Zealand, explains why he is opposed to fluoridation in a evening news program (Campbell Live) aired during the referendum held in Ashburton, NZ, March 2007 (7 mins).

Dr. Phyllis Mullenix, Dr. Peter Mansfield and Dr. Paul Connett are featured in a UK (channel 4) TV program, Don't Swallow Your Toothpaste, June 19, 1997, (24 minutes).

Dr. Paul Connett appeared in a three-way debate/discussion with Dr. Ewan Swann, a spokesperson from the Canadian Dental Association and Dr. David Locker, Professor of Dentistry, University of Toronto, on the program Medical Hot Seat on the Discovery Health Channel from Canada, June 2004 (22 minutes).

Dr. Bruce Spittle appeared in a three-on-three debate broadcast on Channel 9 in Dunedin, New Zealand (June 26, 2008). 
25th Mar 2008

Today Tonight - Fluoride 25-3-2008
7:08 min

The hook for the program is the Professionals' Statement calling for an end to water fluoridation worldwide. This has now been signed by 1,631 professionals from many different fields.

Meanwhile, the powerful non-experts continue to force their arrogant way on the citizens of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland in Australia. Here is a link to the latest atrocity:

Dr. John Carnie, who cannot provide serious answers to serious questions, has completed his so-called "consultation" process with the citizens of Geelong, and has announced that they WILL be fluoridated whether they like it or not and without their being given any chance to vote on it.


25th Mar 2008

Every City Council Needs to Hear This

Speaking to the City Council about Fluoride

10th Mar 2008


Originally aired by the local ABC News affilate) featuring another dentist speaking out against fluoridation. The dentist is Dr. Michael Fleming from the Research Triangle region of North Carolina and featured on a local TV program last November.

28th Feb 2008

Featured articles by The Star on fluoridation

The Thursday Feb 28 edition of The Dunedin Star (Dunedin, NZ). They carried a 5-page article on a local fluoridation battle which started on the front page and carried over to pages 9 -13. In all the article featured 12 sections and each section can be accessed via the Latest News section on the FAN website dated 28th Feb 2008.
To view a PDF of the relevant articles with pictures click here
or you can click through the varies articles on the links below

  FOR: Best way to ensure better teeth (1st of 12 articles in series)
  AGAINST: Negative health effects (2nd of 12 articles in series)
  Concerns raised at Waitati meeting (3rd of 12 articles in series)
  Otago District Health Board active promotor (4th of 12 articles in series)
  Most councillors would vote “yes” to fluoride (5th of 12 articles in series)
  Fluoride used in NZ a byproduct of the fertilizer industry (6th of 12 articles in series)
  Upgrade motive queried (7th of 12 articles in series)
  History of fluoridation (8th of 12 articles in series)
  Outram mum uses fluoridated toothpaste (9th of 12 articles in series)
  Family reduces its intake (10th of 12 articles in series)
  Dunedin youths happy with status quo (11th of 12 articles in series)
  Lack of facts ‘frustrating’ (Last of 12-part series)

27th Feb 2008
Victoria Health Department is determined to force fluoridation on every last village, town and city in the state.

However, promoters like the Chief Health Officer Dr. Carnie are meeting fierce resistance to their ignorant and arrogant machinations on this matter especially from citizens in Warnaambool, Ballarat and Geelong. That resistance has been beautifully captured in two communications.

26th Feb 2008

Poisoned Horses

On Sunday, Dr. David Kennedy posted a video on YouTube titled "Poisoned Horses." Horses are much larger than canaries but in the case of fluoride toxicity they are an ideal canary for what fluoride might do to humans. Why? Because horses drink a huge amount of water each day.

This video documents what happened to Cathy and Wayne Justices' quarter horses when they drank fluoridated water. This is a very distressing story. The symptoms experienced by the horses included dental fluorosis; acute lameness; abnormalities of the hooves; changes in bone structure; dermatological reactions; colic and even changes in behavior (one animal changed from a fine temperament to aggressive behavior symptoms which were reversed on removal of the fluoridated water.)

All of these symptoms and conditions have been confirmed by Dr. Lennart Krook from Cornell veterinary school. Many of the symptoms have been experienced by people who claim to be sensitive to fluoride. It is a shocking indictment of the governments which continue to push this reckless policy that they have never attempted to follow up on these numerous reports from citizens with carefully controlled scientific studies.

15th Jan 2008

Professional Perspectives: Fluoride in Tap Water

Part of a new series of "Professional Perspectives" on Fluoride. In this short video, Dr. Bill Osmunson -- a general and cosmetic dentist -- explains why he is now concerned about fluoride and water fluoridation. For more information, see: http://www.FluorideAction.Net

2nd Jan 2008

'Second Thoughts about Fluoride,' Reports Scientific American

NEW YORK, Jan. 2 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- "Some recent studies suggest that over-consumption of fluoride can raise the risks of disorders affecting teeth, bones, the brain and the thyroid gland," reports Scientific American editors (January 2008). "Scientific attitudes toward fluoridation may be starting to shift," writes author Dan Fagin.
read full article


Fluoride Action Network. 2007-2008.

Professionals' statement calling for an end to fluoridation and Congressional hearings.

20th Nov 2007

Kevin of the Save Our Water group in the Isle of Man broadcast, an edited version (one hour in length) of the debate he had with Professor Michael Lennon, chairman of the British Fluoridation Society on the Isle of Man held on Tuesday November 20.

"Manx Radio broadcast their edited version of the public meeting today on the 'Sunday Opinion' show.  Afterwards calls were taken from listeners via the 'Mannin Line' show.

The 2 shows combined ran for 2 hours and despite a request from the presenter not a single call came in from a supporter of fluoridation!

click here to listen
6th Oct 2007

Cheng KK, Chalmers I, Sheldon TA. 2007.

Adding fluoride to water supplies.
British Medical Journal 335(7622): 699-702. October 6.



1st Sept 2007

Dangers of Fluoride Pt.1

Lynne McTaggart laid out the dangers of fluoride use which have been generally ignored by health professionals and communities at large. "It's a rat poison," McTaggart said of fluoride which is added to the water supply of two thirds of America's cities. It's also in toothpaste, and in many other products one wouldn't suspect, such as canned beverages, baby food, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides, she said.

McTaggart said numerous studies show that fluoride does not prevent tooth decay, and in some cases actually contributes to poor dental health. Additionally, some studies have shown that children in communities that have higher levels of fluoride in their water have up to 10% lower IQs, than in locations with lower levels of the chemical. This kind of "mass medication" doesn't take into account "bio-individuality," and is particularly harsh on children, she indicated.

By banding with other anti-fluoride groups, of which there is a growing number, people can make their voices heard to oppose local fluoridation efforts, McTaggart suggested. On an individual level, she advised using a "reverse osmosis" filtration system on your water faucet, as well as choosing toothpastes that don't contain fluoride.

Lynne McTaggart, an investigative journalist, and editor of the newsletter "What Doctors Don't Tell You," began work on "The Field" four years ago as a personal quest. Her research took her to many areas around the globe, meeting with top frontier scientists in Russia, Germany, France, England, South American, Central America and the USA. During these meetings, she saw what these scientists were working on and it seemed to overthrow the current laws of biology, chemistry and physics. Their theories and experiments also compounded into a new science, a new view of the world.

For several years she immersed herself in quantum physics and pored through hundreds of scientific papers to decoding what was often impenetrable work. In many cases she had to pester the scientists to explain aspects of physics in order to check facts and interpretations. Lynne concludes that her work paints a picture of an interconnected universe and a new scientific theory which makes sense of 'supernatural 'phenomena.

20th Sept 2007

Poisoned Babies

Metropolitan Water District public hearing where Dr Kathleen Thiessen & Dr David Kennedy DDS explain how many people will be injured by their decision to add hydrofluorosilicic acid to the drinking water of 18 million people in Southern California.

They aren't adding fluoride to the water. They use hydrofluosilicic acid. This is raw untreated hazardous waste from the phosphate fertilizer mining industry pollution scrubber system that is highly contaminated with arsenic, lead and a whole host of other heavy metals. It causes disproportionate harm to the malnourished, iodine deficient and minorities. Black children exposed to hydrofluosilicic acid in drinking water had a 600% increase in blood lead levels and Hispanic had a 400% increase.

Overdosing the Babies With Water Fluoridation

On August 20, 2007, the Water Quality and Operations Committee of the Metropolitan Water District of Los Angeles held a public commentary meeting.  They had decided back in 2003 to fluoridate the water for the 18 million people in their supply area, but had yet to implement that decision.  One of the people who commented was Kathleen A Thiessen, PhD, of the SENES Oak Ridge, Inc., Center for Risk Analysis.  In her five minute presentation, she cogently and succinctly showed how water consumption varies tremendously, making it impossible to control the delivered dose of fluoride in the population.  Fluoridation unavoidably produces overdoses of fluoride, especially among infants.PDF Theissen_MET_presentation[1].pdf

14th Aug 2007

600 Physicians, Dentists, Scientists and Environmentalists Call for an End to Fluoridation

9th Aug 2008

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). 2007.

Background: infant formula and the risk for enamel fluorosis. August 9

Aug 2007


11th June 2007

Finally - Even Dental Association Agrees Fluoride is Bad - Dr Mercola

The American Dental Association, which has for many years been one of fluoride's biggest advocates, alerted its members late last year that parents of infants younger than a year old "should consider using water that has no or low levels of fluoride" when mixing baby formula. read full story

27th April 2007

Fluoride Debate in Ireland

Ireland is the only country in Europe with a mandatory water fluoridation program. This program from RTE Primetime (Feb 15, 2007), details some of the reasons why a growing number of dentists and environmentalists want Ireland to go "fluoride-free."
13 min - Apr 27, 2007


Campbell Live episode on fluoride

27th March 2007

Up to 200,000 Australians may be suffering illnesses as a result of fluoride.

This August 1, 2005 report from TodayTonight discusses the medical controversy surrounding the addition of fluoride to drinking water. For more information, see: http://www.FluorideAlert.Org 
10th March 2007

Forum on Water Fluoridation

A forum on the risks/benefits of water fluoridation and fluoride - featuring Dr Euan Swan of the Canadian Dental Association, Dr. David Locker of the University of Toronto, and Dr. Paul Connett of St Lawrence University/Fluoride Action Network. 22 min - Mar 10, 2007

Ashburton fluoride bid fails.
An attempt to have fluoride put back into Ashburton’s water supply has failed in a binding referendum.
read PDF
fluoride article

A physician in the Tennessee Legislature has called on all water districts in the State to end their water fluoridation programs - in light ... all » of new evidence indicating the dangers of fluoride in water. This Dec 14, 2006 report from WSMV News discusses the controversy surrounding fluoride.

11th Nov 2006

More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette

When doctors support fluoridation it must be good for they surely know best, YEAH RIGHT - Are some Doctors Still this Stupid promoting fluoride? Look at this old TV commercial for a very real example of how you can’t trust them.

9th Nov 2006

(American Dental Association). 2006.

Interim guidance on reconstituted infant formula. E-gram. November 9.

March 2006

National Research Council. 2006.

Fluoride in drinking water: a scientific review of EPA's standards. Committee on Fluoride in Drinking Water, Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology, Division on Earth and Life Studies, National Research Council of the National Academies. March.


Politics or Science? EPA's Fluoride Drinking Water Standard

In 1985, administrators at the Environmental Protection Agency - acting against the advice of staff scientists - doubled the maximum level of fluoride that can be allowed in drinking water. This report from ABC News' Washington DC affiliate describes the lawsuit that the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) brought against the EPA administration to reverse this ruling. Unfortunately, the NRDC lost the case, and EPA was able to double the standard. For more info, see:

Harvard cover-up (Fox-TV, Boston) (7 minutes)

Did a Harvard dental professor, who moonlights as a consultant to Colgate, suppress evidence linking fluoride to bone cancer in children? For more information, see:


“Don’t Swallow Your Toothpaste” (Channel 4, UK)
(24 minutes)

UK - Channel 4 : Producer: Bob Wolfinden - June 19, 1997 For more info

An eye-opening documentary about the health concerns surrounding fluoride and water fluoridation. The program first aired on Channel 4 in Britain on June 19, 1997. For further information, see: http://www.FluorideAlert.Org

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3

1st Sept 2004

Fluoride & the Brain: "Fireworks at Forsyth"

In the early 1990s, the Chair of Toxicology at the Forsyth Dental Institute, Dr. Phyllis Mullenix, conducted animal research on the neurotoxicity of fluoride. Mullenix, expecting to find no effect, was surprised to observe that fluoride was impacting the behavior of the animals in a manner similar to what she had previously found with leukemia drugs. Based on her findings, Mullenix hypothesized that fluoride was a neurotoxin, and that the doses American children are currently receiving could pose a problem to their behavior/cognitive development. Journalist Christopher Bryson explains what happened to Mullenix after publishing her findings. 2 min - Sep 1, 2004


Canadian TV debate on fluoridation in the “Medical Hotseat series (Health Discovery Channel, Canada) (22 minutes)

In 2004, the Discovery Health channel in Canada aired the following forum on the risks/benefits of fluoride and fluoridation. The forum features Dr Euan Swan of the Canadian Dental Association, Dr. David Locker of the University of Toronto, and Dr. Paul Connett of Fluoride Action Network. For more info go to:

Part I:

Part II:

Part III


The Fluoride Deception

(FAN’s interview with Chris Bryson)
(28 minutes)

In this video, Christopher Bryson, an award-winning journalist and former producer at the BBC, discusses the findings of his new book The Flouride Deception. EARLY REVIEWS of The Fluoride Deception: "Bryson marshals an impressive amount of research to demonstrate fluoride?s harmfulness, the ties between leading fluoride researchers and the corporations who funded and benefited from their research, and what he says is the duplicity with which fluoridation was sold to the people. The result is a compelling challenge to the reigning dental orthodoxy, which should provoke renewed scientific scrutiny and public debate." -- PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

The Hidden Agenda -- How You Are Being Deceived About Fluoride

from Radio Liberty
Dr Stanley Monteith
Approx length: 1:08

Dr. Stanley Monteith goes over the history of fluoride, its use, its dangers and its promotion over time. Why is something that is rejected by so many nations promoted here in the United States? Learn about the hidden agenda behind the use of fluoride, who's behind it and the real purpose behind its use in this excellent video (1 hour, 8 minutes).

More info click here


Be Sure To Drink Your Fluoride

Video concerning the criminal fraud that is water fluoridation.


Fluoride Call to Action - 4:07 MIN

Shows dangers of fluoridaion and requests support for EPA scientists calling for a ban on fluoridaion. Write your congressman.


Health (Drinking Water) Amendment Bill

This bill seeks to protect the health and safety of people and communities by promoting the provision of adequate supplies of safe and wholesome drinking water from drinking-water supplies.
Member in charge: Hon Pete Hodgson
Type of bill: Government
Parliament: 48
Bill no: 52-1
Introduction: 21/6/06
First reading: 25/7/06
Referred to: Health Committee
Submissions due: 15/9/06

click here to visit the Government Website

Click here to download the Bill PDF Bill 52-1 [PDF 2645k]


 The National Radio sound-bite about “Growing Unease Over Fluoridation” is certainly worth listening to.

Growing Unease

The Professor speaking is Prof. Howard Pollock of the American Dental Association (ADA) who is also Clinical Director of Dental Services at University of California. 

He advises that fluoridated water should NOT be used for making up infant formula. Instead he states that the ADA is advising that mothers should avoid tap water and, instead, buy bottled (unfluoridated) water from the super-market for this purpose. He also states that the fluoride ingested by many children will exceed the tolerable intake.

On the same sound bite Dr Martin Lee claims that the ADA warning does not apply to NZ because in NZ water is only fluoridated at up to 1 ppm. But Prof. Howard Pollock contradicts Martin Lee by stating that using fluoridated water for baby formula is of real concern for water fluoridated at the standard level of 1 ppm in most US cities and also in NZ. 

He says that infant formula reconstituted using fluoridated water can cause dental fluorosis in children’s teeth even prior to tooth eruption. He states that some children (on fluoridated water supplies) will be ingesting too much fluoride.

Lawrie Brett (Whangerei dentist) and Jackie Pou (Northland anti-F campaigner) also feature very well on this sound bite.

Dec 2006

Fluorine Compounds Make you Stupid.
Why is the Government not merely allowing, but promoting them?

Read article

See below what your Labour Ministers say about Fluoridation

  Hon Pete Hodgson
Oral health the issue? Let's talk fluoridation

New Zealanders voicing genuinely held concerns about diet drinks and tooth decay should join the Labour-led government's call for the expansion of fluoridated water supplies, Health Minister Pete Hodgson said today.
read article

Hon Annette King
Water fluoridation projects can now be subsidised 100 percent

Subsidies to fluoridate drinking water can now cover the whole cost of the capital works of a fluoridation project at the discretion of the Health

Annette King says "Because of the important public health benefits of adding fluoride to drinking water, the Cabinet has approved funding to cover up to 100
percent of the cost of the capital works required to add fluoride."
read article

read more articles on the beehive website

read the many articles and get informed about flouride


  Feature articles on fluoride: from News

ADA reverses position, warns its members that fluoride is too dangerous to be consumed by infants

(NewsTarget) On Nov. 9, the American Dental Association released an email alert to its members warning that, in order to prevent tooth damage, fluoridated water should not be mixed into formula or foods intended for babies aged 1 and younger. Currently, two-thirds of the U.S. public water supply...

FDA approves dental claims on fluoridated bottled water despite natural health warnings

(NewsTarget) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved the use of dental health claims on fluoridated bottled water, though natural health proponents claim fluoride is unsafe for ingestion and has never been safety-tested by the FDA. The American Dental association issued a statement...

FDA allows tooth decay protection claim on fluoridated bottled water

(NewsTarget) Brands of bottled water sold in the U.S. can now claim they help to prevent tooth decay if the water carries enough fluoride to qualify as a dental cavity prevention product. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the health claim for bottled water brands that contain...

John Hammell of International Advocates for Health Freedom discusses health freedom under siege; Part 2

This is part two of an interview of International Advocates for Health Freedom President John Hammell, conducted by Mike Adams. Click here to read part one. Mike: If this AER [Adverse Events Reporting] legislation goes through -- and...

Harvard: Professor Did Not 'Intentionally' Suppress Fluoride-Cancer Study (press release)

A closed-door Harvard University panel said yesterday that professor Chester Douglass "did not intentionally omit, misrepresent or suppress research results" of a fluoride bone cancer study. But Environmental Working Group (EWG), whose questions triggered the investigation, said the panel's brief statement...

Interview with Dr. Russell Blaylock on devastating health effects of MSG, aspartame and excitotoxins

Mike: I'm here with Dr. Russell Blaylock, and I'd like to explore some of the more advanced aspects of some of the things you are working on. Dr. Blaylock, I think readers know the basics of both MSG and aspartame, but can you review what you've already written about excitotoxins? Dr...

Groups Demand Immediate Halt to Food Uses of Fluoride-Based Pesticide; National Academy of Sciences Finding That Tap Water Limits Are Unsafe Spells Trouble for Fluoride in Food; EPA Seeks Comments (press release)

This week the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established a 30-day public comment period for a motion filed by three watchdog groups that seeks an immediate suspension of all food uses of the pesticide sulfuryl fluoride. The motion, filed by Environmental Working Group (EWG), Fluoride Action Network...

Fluoridated beverage consumption and dental fluorosis: There's a connection (press release)

Fluoride is a mineral that protects against dental cavities; however, too much fluoride during tooth formation can lead to dental fluorosis, which is usually characterized by white streaks or splotches on the teeth. Fluoride is naturally present in well water in various concentrations, is added to many...

Physical education is key to improving a child's confidence, brainpower and long-term health

One of the most important things parents can give to their children is a physical education or involvement in organized sports activity. Physical education has slipped in priority over the last few years, especially in our public schools. Some schools don't even have recess anymore. They're producing...

EPA debating use of fluoride pesticides on food; consumers urged to take action

(NewsTarget) An open letter to the public from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) published at, warns that the already dangerous levels of fluoride in our food supply could be increased if Dow Chemical Co. gets its way, and calls for action to prevent this from happening. The...

Fluoridation of our water is "dangerous unscientific nonsense"

The Green Party has slated controversial plans to fluoridate water supplies, claiming that there are many significant questions over fluoride's safety and effectiveness. Following government bidding, health chiefs around the country are currently deciding whether to adopt fluoridation as their...

Environmental groups petition EPA to retract fluoride pesticide tolerances on food

Two national environmental organizations, Environmental Working Group and Beyond Pesticides, joined today with the Fluoride Action Network in challenging the safety of new food tolerances issued by the EPA for the fluoride based pesticide, sulfuryl fluoride. This action marks growing concern among mainstream...

The mass poisoning of humanity: an exploration of human stupidity

As human beings, we're the only species stupid enough to actually poison ourselves. As part of modern living, we create a wide variety of chemical toxins that go into the ecosystem through rivers and streams, the air, the soil and so on. Not only that, we actually synthesize toxic chemicals and then...

How to get mercury fillings removed without exposing yourself to toxic mercury vapor

Here's a great idea: Let's take one of the most toxic elements on the periodic table and put it in people's mouths. That's exactly what dentists have been doing in the United States for decades, as they've been filling dental cavities with none other than mercury. Of course, they call them "silver" fillings...

Toxic waste chemicals are disposed of by
feeding to humans, then calling it fluoride

If I told you you could have great-looking skin by eating skin cream, you'd think I was crazy, but that's exactly what dentists are telling you when they say people should ingest fluoride in order to improve the health of their teeth. Fluoride is a topical treatment. When natural mineral fluoride is...

Fluoride conference reveals fraudulent science
behind mass fluoridation; fluoride policy is a public fraud

The First Citizens' Conference on Fluoride was recently held in Canton, New York, and it revealed some astonishing new research about the dangers of fluoride and why the current political position on fluoridation of public water supplies is based on fraudulent science. The fluoridation of public...

Fluoride report uses bait-and-switch to mislead
readers about fluorosilicic acid

Here's a very misleading report on the effects of fluoride on heart disease. If you read the report it seems to imply that consuming fluoride in the water supply or toothpaste, for example, improves the heart health of the public. What the story doesn't reveal, however, is that it was based on...

EPA Employees Call for Fluoridation Moratorium

Eleven EPA employee unions have called for a moratorium on drinking water fluoridation programs. They have further asked EPA management to recognize fluoride as posing a serious cancer risk. read article


Referendum on fluoridating Wanganui's urban water supply

Read article

  CCC say no to fluoridation  
13th Dec 2006

Winston Peters refuses to accept emails opposing
the bill from Health Trust supporter Sarah Meads yesterday.
Photo / Mark Mitchell

Anger as transtasman drug agency bill passes first reading

Wednesday December 13, 2006
Ruth Berr

A controversial bill creating a transtasman drug agency passed its first reading yesterday, hours after Winston Peters strode out to confront a protest on Parliament's forecourt, angrily denying he'd reneged on promises. Read full story...

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