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I am writing to you as a government MP to raise my deep concerns about the Natural Health Products Bill.

The Ministry of Health is consulting on certain details of the Bill that are to be contained in Regulations, and has issued a consultation paper entitled The Regulation of Natural Health Products.

However, for the reasons set out below the Bill is fundamentally flawed and needs to be removed from the Order Paper.

The Bill is a loopy law and nanny-state legislation

  • The Bill is a loopy law (refer Rules Reduction Taskforce) and nanny-state legislation that imposes significant and unjustified new compliance costs on (what government accepts is) a very low-risk industry.  The current regime regulates natural health products as foods.  The Bill, however, takes a pharmaceutical-type approach to natural health products that is disproportionate to the de minimis risks they pose. The effect of the Bill will be to force consumers to buy online from companies such Amazon and Iherb rather than buy products in New Zealand.  

The Bill is not light-handed regulation

  • It is claimed that the Bill is light-handed regulation.  However, for the reasons set out in this communication it is the opposite.

The Bill creates a new regulator with wide and arbitrary powers

The Bill creates a new regulator with wide and arbitrary powers.  For example, this regulator has to approve every ingredient that is included in a natural health product, including (bizarrely) even water and simple additives and flavourings.  Unless a product is notified to the regulator (at a proposed annual cost of $195.50 per product) and contains only pre-approved ingredients it can’t be sold.  This is overly prescriptive and completely unnecessary. The new regulator has to also approve the illnesses and ailments for which health benefit claims can be made.  Even if good evidence exists to support the health benefit claim it can’t be made unless the regulator says so.  This restriction is not necessary because the provisions contained in the Fair Trading Act 1986 against misleading claims provide sufficient protection to consumers.

The Bill imposes significant new compliance costs on the industry

  • The cost of getting a new ingredient approved on the permitted substance list is likely to be comparable to the cost of getting a substance listed in Australia (because the criteria appear similar).  In Australia the cost to prepare an application for a new substance is approximately $40,000. These are principally the various consultants’ costs to obtain and prepare the necessary supporting information, including literature searches and toxicological reports.  If there is no toxicological data available, it could cost up to a further $150,000 to obtain that data.  This cost could apply to an everyday food item that has a long history of safe use.
  • As well as the cost of obtaining approvals for new substances and new illnesses/ailments, there are numerous additional new compliance costs including: the cost of notifying each product to the regulator, the cost of providing information on a website about any health benefit claims made about a product, the cost of obtaining a license to manufacture natural health products, and the cost to comply with the Code of Manufacturing Practice.

The Bill is likely to stifle exports

  • The Bill is being justified on the grounds that it will dramatically increase exports.  However, New Zealand already has a healthy and competitive export market under the current regime and there is no credible evidence as to how exports will be facilitated under the Bill.  To the contrary the Bill is more likely to stifle exports.  All exporters will have to comply with the proposed Bill and only products containing permitted substances (that have also been notified) will be able to be exported.  As a result New Zealand will lose its enviable reputation of being able to provide products with ingredients that other countries want.  And at the same time we will lose our competitiveness because of high compliance costs. 
  • An exporter has to manufacture and comply with the overseas country’s rules.  New Zealand’s rules are irrelevant. Any claim that exports will be increased under the Bill appears loopy.

The Bill restricts health benefit claims

  • Another claimed justification for the Bill is that it will permit health benefit claims to be made.  However, health benefit claims (eg, Form and Function claims) can be made already, including arguably claims about certain illnesses and ailments.  It is not apparent how the Bill makes it easier to make claims or improves the status quo.  But there are many ways that the Bill makes health benefit claims more difficult.  For example:
    • The Bill requires information about all health benefit claims to be available on an internet site.  This is a new obligation and is likely to be onerous.
    • The Bill does not permit therapeutic claims and under the Bill it appears it would not be possible for natural health products to be approved as a related product under the Medicines Act 1981 as they currently can be.         

The Bill is a solution looking for a problem

  • There is no evident problem with the current regime that requires these draconian measures. 

The solution is a regime based on a blacklist of ingredients

  • An alternative and viable regime is one administered by the Ministry of Primary Industries that is based on a blacklist of ingredients only.  Ingredients genuinely proved to be unsafe would be banned rather than all ingredients banned until they are proven to be safe.  There is no need for the industry to pay to include everyday foods and ingredients like blueberries and water on a permitted substances list.

The Bill needs to be removed from the Order Paper

  • This Bill offers no demonstrable benefits to industry and consumers but only imposes additional costs, bureaucracy and intervention.  The Bill needs to be removed from the Order Paper for the good of the industry (particularly the small to medium enterprises) and consumers.

Yours sincerely

[add name]



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Members of Parliament

Members of Parliament make important decisions on behalf of us all. It is vital in a healthy democracy that they are kept well informed about the issues that are of concern. This page provides you with details of our MPs, their Parties, Electorates and the Select Committees they serve on as well as their email addresses. For more information see Parliament's website.
Name Party & Electorate Email Address
Adams, Hon Amy National, Selwyn
Ardern, Jacinda Labour, List
Bakshi, Kanwaljit Singh National, List
Ball, Darroch NZ First, List
Barclay, Todd National, Clutha-Southland
Barry, Hon Maggie National, North Shore
Bayly, Andrew National, Hunua
Bennett, David National, Hamilton East
Bennett, Hon Paula National, Upper Harbour
Bindra, Mahesh NZ First, List
Bishop, Chris National, List
Borrows, Hon Chester National, Whanganui
Bridges, Hon Simon National, Tauranga
Browning, Steffan Green, List
Brownlee, Hon Gerry National, Ilam
Carter, Rt Hon David National, List
Clark, Dr David Labour, Dunedin North
Clendon, David Green Party, List
Coleman, Hon Dr Jonathan National, Northcote
Collins, Judith National, Papakura
Cosgrove, Hon Clayton Labour, List
Cunliffe, Hon David Labour, New Lynn
Curran, Clare Labour, Dunedin South
Davidson, Marama Greens, List;
Davis, Kelvin Labour, Te Tai Tokerau
Dean, Jacqui National, Waitaki
Delahunty, Catherine Greens, List
Doocey, Matt National, Waimakariri
Dowie, Sarah National, Invercargill
Dunne, Hon Peter United Future, Ohariu
Dyson, Hon Ruth Labour, Port Hills
English, Hon Bill National, List
Faafoi, Kris Labour, Mana
Finlayson, Hon Christopher National, List
Flavell, Hon Te Ururoa Maori Party, Waiariki
Foss, Hon Craig National, Tukituki
Foster-Bell, Paul National, List
Fox, Marama Maori Party, List
Genter, Julie Anne Green, List
Goff, Hon Phil Labour, Mt Roskill
Goldsmith, Paul National, List
Goodhew, Hon Jo National, Rangitata
Graham, Dr Kennedy Greens, List
Groser, Hon Tim National, List
Guy, Hon Nathan National, Otaki
Hague, Kevin Greens, List
Hayes, Joanne National, List
Henare, Peeni Labour, Tamaki Makaurau
Hipkins, Chris Labour, Rimutaka
Hudson, Brett National, List
Hughes, Gareth Green Party, List
Joyce, Hon Steven National, List
Kaye, Hon Nikki National, Auckland Central
  National, Helensville  
King, Hon Annette Labour, Rongotai
Korako, Tutehounuku (Nuk) National, List
Kuriger, Barbara National, Taranaki-King Country
Lee, Melissa National, List
Lees-Galloway, Iain Labour, Palmerston North
Little, Andrew Labour, List
Logie, Jan Green, List
Lotu-Iiga, Peseta Sam National, Maungakiekie
Macindoe, Tim National, Hamilton West
Mahuta, Hon Nanaia Labour, Hauraki-Waikato
Mallard, Hon Trevor Labour, Hutt South
Mark, Ron NZ First, List
Martin, Tracey NZ First, List
Mathers, Mojo Green, List
McClay, Hon Todd National, Rotorua
McCully, Hon Murray National, East Coast Bays
McKelvie, Ian National, Rangitikei
Mitchell, Clayton NZ First, List
Mitchell, Mark National, Rodney
Moroney, Sue Labour, List
Muller, Todd National, Bay of Plenty
Nash, Stuart Labour, Napier
Naylor, Jono National, List
Ngaro, Alfred National, List
O'Connor, Hon Damien Labour, West Coast-Tasman
O'Connor, Simon National, Tamaki
O'Rourke, Denis NZ First, List
Paraone, Pita NZ First, List
Parata, Hon Hekia National, List
Parker, Hon David Labour, List
Parmar, Dr Parmjeet National, List
Peters, Rt Hon Winston NZ First, List
Prosser, Richard NZ First, List
Reti, Dr Shane National, Whangarei
Robertson, Grant Labour, Wellington Central
Roche, Denise Green, List
Ross, Jami-Lee National, Botany
Rurawhe, Adrian Labour, Te Tai Hauauru
Sabin, Mike National, Northland
Sage, Eugenie Green, List
Salesa, Jenny Labour, Manukau East
Scott, Alastair National, Wairarapa
Sepuloni, Carmel Labour, Kelston
Seymour, David Act, Epsom
Shaw, James Green, List
Shearer, David Labour, Mt Albert
Simpson, Scott National, Coromandel
Sio, Su'a William Labour, Mangere
Smith, Hon Dr Nick National, Nelson
Stewart, Barbara NZ First, List
Tabuteau, Fletcher NZ First, List
Tirikatene, Rino Labour, Te Tai Tonga
Tisch, Lindsay National, Waikato
Tolley, Hon Anne National, East Coast
Turei, Metiria Green Party, List
Twyford, Phil Labour, Te Atatu
Upston, Hon Louise National, Taupo
Wagner, Hon Nicky National, Christchurch Central
Wall, Louisa Labour, Manurewa
Whaitiri, Meka Labour, Ikaroa-Rawhiti
Williams, Poto Labour, Christchurch East
Williamson, Hon Maurice National, Pakuranga
Woodhouse, Hon Michael National, List
Woods, Dr Megan Labour, Wigram
Yang, Dr Jian National, List
Young, Jonathan National, New Plymouth