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NZHT Newsletter No 9                                    December 2004                         
Here is another brief update to let you know about the progress that has been made in the fight to keep NZ Natural Health products safe from the ravages of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Agency (TGA).
The Industry Meeting held in Auckland on November 15th went very well with approximately 110 people enthusiastically attending. There were very positive answers to the pre-presented questions from all of the opposition spokespeople but NOT from the Labour’s Steve Chadwick.  She made it clear that she liked the Government proposal and would not accept that it was the TGA in “Drag”.  According to her we were all mis-informed.  It was interesting to note that Annette King and Susan Martindale’s watchdog, Selwyn Kartene slipped into the meeting and kept an eye on proceedings from the back of the room. 
It’s curious that Chadwick and 4 other Labour members on the Health Select committee signed off on the unanimous initial report - which dammed the proposal – and have since been made to do a 100% turn-around.  The political pressure is enormous!  The Labour members now claim that all the concerns from the Select Committee report would be ‘fixed’ under the implementing legislation.  We however know that the Treaty, as signed, is incompatible with the Select Committee report and any attempt to address industry and consumer concerns will only be window dressing, and an attempt to fool New Zealanders into thinking that the Government has actually listened.
Many thanks to David Holden and his team – they did a great job organising the meeting and it was impressive to get representatives from all political parties to attend.  The co-ordinated campaign (emails, postcards etc) is clearly getting a lot of attention at Parliament and keeping this issue alive.
One message the opposition MP’s did convey strongly was to keep the emails and postcards coming.  They are having an important effect.  They are very enthusiastic about the public campaign in opposition to the government’s proposal.
Contact Your MP
Please note -there is a new pro-forma letter in mass mailer which, like the last letter, you can use as is or modify as you wish.  If the MP’s reply to you (and they probably will) please take the time to respond to let them know you’ve received their message.  This is one complaint we have had from the MP’s who have told us they feel as if their replies are disappearing into a void and it can make them question the sincerity of the people emailing them on the issue.
Order postcards
Important notice
For use as a counter display or to send out with postcards - includes an MP list.
Many thanks to everyone who has already sent emails and postcards to MP’s.  Although we remain confident, we cannot afford to rest on the success of recent events.  Labour is waiting for the industry to get bored and let the issue fade into the background so they can try and pass the legislation needed.  We can’t let that happen so please pass the message on - get your friends and everyone on your email list to contact their MP’s (by email and postcard) too. 

Awareness of this campaign is critical. Many are still unaware of the threat. You can help by forwarding this newsletter on to as many as you can.

Warning!  In response to the emails & postcards they receive, Labour MP’s are sending out a standard package of information trying to convince you that their proposal is a good idea.  BUT DON’T BE FOOLED!  Labour is desperate to get this proposal through and will say anything to succeed.
The Campaign continues…..
We take this opportunity to wish you, your family & associates Seasons Greetings

Kind Regards
Dave Sloan

NZ Health Trust
A: PO Box 34-057 Christchurch, New Zealand
P: +64 3 3519807
F: +64 3 3517993

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