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NZHT NEWSLETTER NO. 8 - November 2004

Greetings once again - another brief update to let you know about the progress that we have been making in the fight to keep New Zealand Natural Health products safe from the ravages of the TGA.

As mentioned in the last newsletter, the NZHT's legal adviser Amy Adams, presented a paper at the Australian National Health Summit in Sydney last week.  The speech accused the Australian Government of "bullying" New Zealand into accepting the TGA system.  In addition the speech strongly criticised the TGA for being bureaucracy for the sake of bureaucracy and not being good for either the industry or the consumer.  A number of Australian media were present and the speech got a pleasing amount of coverage in Australia.

To read the speech (8 pages) ;

The visit to Australia was also worthwhile as it has put us in touch with a number of Australians who are equally concerned about the TGA's attempts at empire building and who are equally opposed to the Trans Tasman agency.

Also from Australia this week has been the report of the Productivity Commission which was asked by the Australian and NZ Governments to look at ways the two countries could get closer together.  That report has come out saying just what the NZHT has been saying about these sorts of Joint Agencies, that extreme caution is needed and harmonisation is not the best way to go. (Report dated 24 Oct 04 is available in the document section on the website) or for Mai Chen's newsmonitor transcript on same topic click here

Our direct mail campaign into Parliament through the pre printed postcards is continuing to have great effect on the MP's.  Our web site now has an easy order button if you would like to order supplies of these cards to distribute to your customers, colleagues or friends.
To order postcards 
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Likewise, the “Contact your MP” continues to have a great effect on MP's. It's very easy and only takes a minute. 
To email MP's 

Warning! In response, the Labour MP’s will send you a standard reply trying to convince you that their proposal is a good idea. BUT DON’T BE FOOLED. Labour is desperate to get this proposal through and will say anything to succeed.

With your help an enormous amount has been achieved.  Just two or three months ago most people we met told us to give up – that it was a done deal.  Now there is widespread recognition that there is a real chance Labour won't pull this off.  That turn around is thanks to you all for your efforts in keeping this issue alive in the MP's minds.  However, we know that the Government is hoping to wait this out and when the opposition to it has gone quiet to push it through then.  They may even seek to delay the start date for the proposed new agency for this reason.  So we are continuing to ask people to keep making noise and expressing their concerns.

Help Wanted 
We're trying to do all we can and would really appreciate the help of anyone who can assist us in increasing our email database of contacts of people interested in this field.  If you have contacts you could share with us or would like to volunteer time to help us gather new contacts, we'd love to hear from you.

Welcome to all new subscribers. Please note that copies of all previous newsletters are available in the newsletter archives section on the website.

Invitation to Industry "Natural HealthCare Policy Debate"
Venue: Nature's Sunshine Head Office, 344A Rosedale Road, Albany, North Harbour, Auckland
Date: Monday, November 15
Time: Commencing 7.30pm (sharp)
Speakers: Heather Roy - Act, Steve Chadwick - Labour, Judith Collins - National, Sue Kedgley - Greens, Jim Peters - NZ First, Judy Turner - United Future
Organisers: David Holden (MC)  email to confirm your attendance.

Kind Regards
Dave Sloan

NZ Health Trust
A: PO Box 34-057 Christchurch, New Zealand
P: +64 3 3519807
F: +64 3 3517993

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