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Greetings to all MyHealth / NZHT newsletter subscribers.

NZ Health Trust Newsletter No 7 – 24 October 2004

Greetings once again Another brief update to let you know about the progress we have been making in the fight to keep New Zealand Natural Health Products safe from the ravages of the Australian TGA.

In the last newsletter we wrote about the threat that the National Party may be thinking of supporting the TGA proposal.  [ Thanks to everyone who took the time to contact National party MP's and let them know your views. ]

We now know that the emails and postcards we have been encouraging you to send have had an ENORMOUS affect on the MP's and played a large part in National recently assuring us that they still had no intention of supporting a treaty that did not comply with the recommendations of the select committee.  This is fine as we know that the Treaty Labour signed and the Select Committee reports are mutually exclusive.

But, WE CANNOT REST - this is politics and in politics deals are always being done .  We know the Labour is doing all they can behind the scenes to have one of the parties supporting us change their position and provide the crucial extra few votes Labour needs and so far does not have.

No legislation has been introduced into Parliament yet and only Labour will know when they plan to do this.  However, it has been consistently claimed by the TGA and MedSafe that this agency will be in operation by 1 st July 2005.  If they are to stick to this timetable the legislation will have to be introduced by early next year.

We must be loud and we cannot let up.  Please keep asking your friends and colleagues to join our mailing list and to contact their MP's and if you see our postcards, sign them and send them off.  If you have some to distribute please do what you can to get them where supporters of natural products will see them.  The NZHT is committed to continuing to do whatever is necessary until the legislation is defeated.


  • As a further example of the impact we are having you may be interested to know that the NZHT's legal adviser Amy Adams has been asked to present a paper on this topic at the highly respected Australian Health Summit in Sydney on Tuesday 26 October. 

    This is a great opportunity to let the Australians know the depth of opposition to the TGA proposal in NZ and we are looking forward to seeing what the impact of that presentation will be.  If you hear or read of any media reports or other feedback on Amy's presentation to the conference, we would appreciate a copy or to hear from you.
  • After hearing from many of you that you would like to have a group that you can join that represents the rights of consumers, New Zealand Health Trust Incorporated is being formed.  This will be an incorporated society that anyone may join which will act as the Natural Health Consumers group and will represent your views to Parliament when the need arises.  This is a great opportunity to speak as one voice and be a powerful group.  We will keep you posted as to developments.  We would love to hear your thoughts about this consumers group and if you are interested in joining please contact us at .

    Those of you on the mailing list will be given the opportunity to be one of the founding members of this group. Details will come in a future newsletter when the incorporated society is ready to be launched.

The consumer group will continue much of the work the NZHT has been doing and will aim to protect the natural health industry at large.  We know that the best outcome for consumers is a healthy, vibrant industry which encourages innovation and keeps compliance costs down. 

As a consumer group we would be immune from any criticism that we were just trying to protect our own pockets and can represent the voice of New Zealand natural health consumers.  The key to getting good results is to act together and show our strength to the politicians and it is our hope that NZHT Incorporated will give not just the industry but all the consumers a central body through which they can voice their concerns.

  • Further good news!!  The first print run of 53,000 Postcards to MP's has been distributed and are winging there way to the MP's to great effect.  The second lot of 50,000 is now being distributed.  Please contact the NZHT if you require further supplies (contact details below).  It is likely that we will continue this promotion until at least July 2005.
  • The “ Contact your MP ” mass mailer on the NZHT website continues to be an important & powerful tool having a great effect.  If you haven't already done so, email your MP's NOW and then email all your friends to do the same.  It's very easy – follow the 4 simple steps on the website.  It only takes 30 seconds but when done by thousands of people, is very powerful. It is making a difference.
Here is the link;

In our efforts to circulate this newsletter to as many as we can you may have received it more than once – we apologise for any inconvenience.

Kind Regards
Dave Sloan
NZ Health Trust
P: 64 3 351 9807
F: 64 3 351 7993



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