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NZ Health Trust - Newsletter No 15 - May 2005

It's time for another update about what has been happening in the fight to defeat the proposed Trans Tasman Joint Agency to regulate all therapeutic products

In this newsletter we cover :   

  • An urgent call for your support
  • TGA proposed fees & charges commencing 1st July 05 
  • Investigate Magazine article - May issue
  • Media Release  11th May 05
  • Media Release 24th April 05 -  we had a very good response on this

Another newsletter will be sent to you soon regarding the Codex threat . 

REMEMBER:  We need as much support as possible to prevent the loss of health freedoms and choices the TGA  proposal would  impose on us all.  

The urgent support campaign is going well.   We know that hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders support our campaign against the joint TGA proposal. If you want to have your say without going to Wellington yourself to tell the MPs of your concerns and wishes, click this link to add your Support.  
Many thanks to those of you that have already done so.
It is vital for MPs to understand just how many people do not want this Australian based Joint Agency making decisions for New Zealand.

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TGA proposed fees & charges increase

The TGA have announced that their already heavy fees are to be increased again on 1 July this year.  Plus, they claim that the complementary medicines sector has been under charged for its share of costs by about 11%.  This gives a clear picture of where the fees are heading and what NZ businesses could expect under the proposed joint regime.

These increases in cost are despite the TGA having current reported cash reserves of $AU6.9 million. We have also been led to understand that the Australia Government intends recouping the $7 million spent on harmonisation costs over five years commencing in 2006.

Click here for the proposed new fees schedule (the fees are outrageous!)

The NZHT has been busy continuing its work to educate others about this issue and the threat New Zealand faces.  Set out below are brief  blurbs from recent articles and press release along with a link to get through to the full text.


Investigate Magazine May 05
A report by the New Zealand Health Trust       

You've heard that question asked so many times but this is one story that has nothing to do with DHB's, PHO's or waiting lists.  It asks instead why it is that products like Vioxx and Celebrex make it on to our shelves only to be later recalled because of serious safety concerns .  And why the same regulators that happily allowed those products have shown no mercy toward the natural health industry despite its largely blameless record...
click here to read more

Money won't buy support for the TGA

Wednesday, 11 May 2005, 11:35 am
Press Release: NZ Health Trust

Shameless waste of money won't buy support for the TGA .

Pouring taxpayer money into sham consultations, hiring staff and appointing people to cushy advisory committees won't buy Government political support for the proposed Joint Therapeutic Goods Agency....
  click here to read more

Natural health sector gearing up for election battle 

Sunday, 24 April 2005

Press Release: NZ Health Trust 

The Labour Government is being warned not to underestimate opposition to the proposed joint agency to regulate natural health products, with latest independent research showing that 62% of New Zealanders use some form of natural health product or dietary supplement.

“That's 2.5 million New Zealanders, who are watching what this Government is planning in the run-up to the election,” said Amy Adams, spokesperson for consumer watchdog the NZ Health Trust.

“Annette King should not underestimate these consumers - they care about their access to these products and want the Government to recognise this is a main stream issue.”

“They aren't going to be pleased if they see products disappearing from shelves, Kiwi companies closing down or moving to Australia and the right of the New Zealand Parliament to control the sector overruled by Australia .”

The natural health product sector is gearing up for a campaign against the Government's proposal to allow an Australian-dominated agency to control a huge range of products including vitamins, natural health products, herbal remedies and mineral supplements.

The proposed new agency has met with near unanimous political disapproval – it is opposed by National, ACT, the Green Party, United Future and New Zealand First, which means the Government currently has not got the numbers to pass the legislation it has promised Australia it will enact by the end of this year.


Kind Regards
Dave Sloan




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